July/August 2006


The Urge to Liberation — Editorial

The whole thrust of human aspiration today is upon attaining liberation; freedom is the demand and the watchword of the times.Yet, interestingly, the Tibetan said that the major barrier to the path of the soul seeking liberation lies within ourselves.

The Great Approaches (The Coming New Religion), Part III — Djwhal Khul

Let it be emphatically stated here that the major method with which we can concern ourselves, and the most potent instrument in the hands of the spiritual Hierarchy, is the spreading of good will and its fusion into a united and working potency.

Synthesis:The Leo Experience and Shakespeare’s Lear — Michael Srigley

Generally believed to have been written in late 1605 or early 1606 and acted at Court before James I on December 26, 1606, Shakespeare’s Lear can be read and acted as prophetic of our own age.There are now many Leos and a growing number of Cordelias who are coming under the influence of Aquarius.

The Force of Liberation, Part II — Christine Morgan

The role of meditation is central to the whole process of death and liberation as it builds a pathway between the lower concrete mind, the higher abstract mind and beyond.One day this will ensure continuity of consciousness between this world and the subtler planes that, at present, only reveal themselves to us when we relinquish the physical body at death.

Spiritual Development and Nervous Diseases, Part I — Dr. Roberto Assagioli

Nowadays disorders due to spiritual causes are rapidly becoming more frequent, as the number of persons who are groping, consciously or unconsciously, towards a higher life, is much greater than before.Moreover, owing to the greater development and complexity of the personality, and particularly to the more critical mind of modern man, spiritual development has become a more difficult and complex process.

The New Era:A Time of Action — Maria V. Lenos

Yet, also ask yourself what you can add to the entrusted work.In this way, by accepting the Master’s shield, one will conquer all that obstructs the ascent.You proceed because you are aflame with service.Precious is the flame of the heart.Fear not, for what has been planned will endure.This is a time of action!

Light:The Agent of Revelation — William Meader

Light is known by what it reveals.When considered from the spiritual perspective, this is a truism of great importance.The revelatory power of light is central to nearly all world religions….Esotericism lends much support to this view, though widens its application.For light is not only the agent of God’s countenance, but also the means by which the soul reveals its wisdom and purpose within the human heart and mind.

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