May/June 2006


Recognition and Revelation — Editorial

Revelation, a word that means to unveil, to open up to view that which had been secret or hidden, is the objective of the coming Approach.Surely the recognition of God immanent is a central aspect of revelation.

The Great Approaches (The Coming New Religion), Part II — Djwhal Khul

Only that is of importance to us which provides a needed momentum for action, and which will also give to the working disciple of the world a vision of sufficient clarity and an adequate incentive to enable him to work with sincerity and understanding.

Synthesis: The Touch of Shamballa — Sarah McKechnie

For those who have the eyes to see, the Buddha returns years after year, bringing the “touch of Shamballa” which the Christ receives on behalf of all humanity, holding it in custody, so to speak, until releasing it into the world at the next full moon, the Festival of Goodwill.

The Force of Liberation, Part I — Christine Morgan

The senses are meant to inform, not to possess, and only by disentangling ourselves from them and internalising our line of enquiry, can we hope to gain any real understanding of the nature of death.We have to awaken to the inner, esoteric senses and follow their lead in order to touch the internal core of our being that stands unmoved and serene throughout the long cycles of life, death and rebirth.Then can we know first-hand the beautiful secret that death veils, which is entrance into greater life.

The Great Invocation: An Agent for the Ending of Separateness — Dominic Dibble

Separateness, or separativeness, is something that is primarily a mental phenomenon.Now, language, on the face of it, is also largely mental in origin.So how can something that is made out of words, like the Great Invocation, help us end our separateness?

The Nature of Detachment for the Disciple — A Student

Detachment is often portrayed as a non-response in the face of unpleasant events and the renunciation of certain desires.However, this is only the first step in detachment.There is, in fact, an escalating sequence of detachments that must be accomplished for the disciple to eventually truly serve.

Working with Light — Michal J. Eastcott

By lighted thought, directed by the power of dedication, [disciples] can supply sublimated substance needed by the Hierarchy in its efforts to bring increased light content to the planet.

Manifested Intuition: Need for Sincerity, Sacrifice and Simplicity — A Student

In the end, the only way to discern and achieve these ideals is to become totally open to direct action through being led by the heart that is linked with higher intuition.

Gustav Mahler: A Forerunner — Russell Heblack

Here lies the vast appeal of Mahler’s symphonies and the truth of this composer’s forerunner status:his profoundly beautiful resolution of existential human conflict to harmony via the universal language of music.

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