November/December 2006

Responding to Hierararchal Contact - Editorial

Perhaps it's inevitable that the glamourous reactions to the Hierarchy are especially noticeable today, for we are living with two powerful sources of increased stimulation: the closer approach of members of the Hierarchy as the process of externalisation proceeds, and the increasing inflow of Shamballa energy as a result of the "Shamballa impacts" of the past century.

The Great Approaches (The Coming New Religion) - Part V - Djwhal Khul

The Great Invocation and the Zodiac-A Continuing Discussion - Martin Vieweg

As we match the lines of the Invocation, line by line, with the triangles of crisis and zodiacal triplicities that govern the unfoldment of human beings "upon the final stages of the Way", we can take heart that the secrets of evolution can be known little by little as the intuition awakens within us.

The Pure River that Flows from the Throne of God - Zachary F. Lansdowne

How can we become part of the "pure river of water of life"? Bailey says, "Only through love can Love be revealed." In other words, by expressing love in our lives, we become part of the pure river of love that flows from the Heart of God. If we do not express love, then we are cut off from that river. It is entirely our choice. But what exactly, do we need to do to be part of that river?

The Approaching Hierarchy - Foster Bailey

Our little human motives and objectives are transient, lasting at best but a few years; those of Hierarchy are age-old and well sustained, and the potency of their work is in direct proportion to the constantly accumulating momentum of spiritual power which they thus generate. The factor of spiritual momentum is the most powerful of all the operating forces which they wield and it is the achieving of this momentum which is the guarantee of the ultimate success of their undertakings.

Visualisation as a Creative Approach to the Transference of Consciousness - A Student

Through the use of a seed or given stimuli, we allow the creative imagination to unfold and begin a journey of discovery, not so much to create something new but to access that which has been concealed.

From Darkness to Light - A Student

As silent as darkness itself, we work in darkness and yet we work with light, as though we act as lightbearers, embodying the light which is projected into the darkness like a great searchlight or laser beam which illumines and lifts it for others and leads to greater understanding of and identification with humanity.

On Care-Giving and Relinquishment - Kurt Swanson

The task of disentangling ourselves from our own little world of problems so that we can turn to the needs of others does require changing powerful habits, patterns, and characteristics that have gathered great momentum through the years. But this work is the work of Christ, for his work is the work of redemption, or the "making better" of that which suffers.

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