September/October 2006


Cycles and Seasons — Editorial

Much of humanity’s response to cycles has to do with a fundamental misunderstanding of time, which is a faculty of the brain but not a reality to the soul. That awareness, together with St. Paul’s observation—"I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content"—can help us to work creatively and hopefully with the present cycle, as it affects both the personal life and the life of humanity as a whole.

The Great Approaches (The Coming New Religion), Part IV — Djwhal Khul

Hands across the Kingdoms: A Meditation in Libra — J. S. Bakula

The middle path of Libra is to choose the wisdom of the "in between", the way that leads between. This is also the Tibetan term for what Westerners like scholar Robert Thurman know as Liberation Through Understanding in the Between, the subtitle of The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Spiritual Development and Nervous Diseases, Part II — Dr. Robert Assagioli

Many serious disturbances, which sometimes amount to diseases, are due to a special cause and have their origin outside the personality of the sufferer. This cause is the "mystical substitution", by means of which an ardent, loving and generous soul may attract to itself the inner suffering and even the physical symptoms of another person.

Libra: Guarding the Secret of Balance — Sarah McKechnie

It’s said, "Before creation, silence and the stillness of a focused point." Silence—how little we have of that today. I wonder particularly about the effects of the lack of silence on our children, who lead such busy, often over-scheduled lives.

A Cosmic Stem Cell—In the Light of Truth, Religion and Science — Shirley Teper

One might envision that eons ago, it was the compressed energy and buried light inherent in a cosmic stem cell that exploded in the Big Bang. And then spreading throughout primordial space as the pure essence of complete consciousness, this inexhaustible reservoir of primal Light unfolded into increasingly less subtle, less potent, separate and diverse realms ultimately expressing in all of creation including the limited human mind and then the mind’s many distinctive fields of inquiry.

The Season Withdrawal from Maya, Glamour and Illusion — A Student

We are aiming for simplicity in form and activity, and so we will need a garden designed along Zen-lines. We must decide which parts of our life and service are deciduous or evergreen expressions—those which we can let wither and fall from the structure of the self, or those which must remain as new branchlets of the greater Self we are learning to become. The evergreen expressions may be quietly germinating from seeds dropped aeons ago upon our garden by Gardeners more accomplished than us who have passed this way before.

White Magic — Donna Mitchell-Moniak

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