October-December 2007

The Emergence of Inner Livingness — Editorial
Cultivate crises, disciples are advised, for in learning to respond to crisis with an expansion of the inner livingness, the new outer forms will emerge which will foster greater harmony between soul and form, Hierarchy and humanity, the Plan and physical plane activity. Always the key to right emergence is the sensing of the quality or note being sounded by the soul. When emergence thus is seen as an expression of consciousness, the resultant outer expression will inevitably manifest along right lines.

Three Major Laws of Health — Djwhal Khul

Behind the Scenes: W. Wilson, E. M. House and the League of Nations — Michael Srigley
It could be said that by 1916 the concept of a League of Nations dedicated to eliminating war was in process of becoming a public concept. But Colonel House had an important role to play in influencing President Wilson to take action in founding the League of Nations. Because of his diplomatic skills and his intimacy with the President, he was able to play a part in the founding of the League.

Occult Reticence — Alice Bailey
It is at this time very necessary for the balancing faculty of silence to be emphasized. But to enjoin silence is, in these days of lower mansaic development, of little use and but serves to give opportunity for the hearers of the injunction to believe either that the silence veils ignorance or is but the imposition of an arbitrary command.

Money, Discipleship and the Plan — Henry Guy
One of the great lessons of discipleship is that even one's life is not one's own—much less one's money. The disciple is evolving in consciousness from having "my money" and "Divinity's money", to all money under one's control being divine energy intended to implement the Plan.

Using Intuition to Create Greater Good — Michelle Pearce
We have all the tools that we need right now to simply and easily step into the faculty of group intuition. What holds us back? Perhaps it is only lack of clarity and vision as to what intuition really is and how we can learn to use a group faculty as divine aspirants.

Thoughts on Detachment — A Student
In the process of detachment and divine indifference, the soul-infused personality achieves the ability to move forward on the path, eventually reaching a point of the death of all personality attachments and gradually moving into the realm of group relationship and higher initiation.

Working with Substance in Groups — Terence Chivers

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