2008 issues

Table of contents, 2008 issues

October—December 2008

The Forcing Process Underway Now—Editorial
All crises, from that of the individual human being to that experienced by our planetary Logos, have to do with the expansion of consciousness—with the stretching of the borders of awareness to include larger and larger arcs of the Whole.

Per Saperne di Più

July-September 2008

Living an Authentic Life — Editorial
The spiritual Path is, paradoxically, both a lonely road and an open, public highway. The seeker must rely upon the inner Teacher, the soul, the Master in the Heart, for direction, and at the same time share all his experience, whether of gain or of loss, with his fellow travellers.

Per Saperne di Più

April-June 2008

Cultivating a Poised Silence - Editorial

This capacity to live the dual life, when mastered, will be an evolutionary step forward, and it is intended to be the gift of the western disciple to human development.

Per Saperne di Più

January-March 2008

Man's Task — Editorial

Soon after beginning my esoteric studies I began to think of death as simply the casting away of a worn out garment, etc. It was an entirely new concept to me up to that time.

Per Saperne di Più