2009 issues

Table of contents, 2009 issues

October—December 2009

Building a Better Future, Step by Step — Editorial
A wise teacher said, "I rejoice if you understand that obstacles are possibilities" (Agni Yoga 494). Skill in action is acquired, step by step, through the successful resolution of our problems, as a kind of duplication of the way in which the antahkarana, the bridge in consciousness, is built: out of the substance of one's own life and understanding, much as a spider spins its thread.

Per Saperne di Più

July—September 2009

The Urge To Share - Editorial
The key to unlocking the capacity to share may be found in the words "touch my heart", not for emotional reasons but because the heart is the seat of the life principle. The urge to share is bound up in the recognition that every aspect of manifested life in every kingdom in nature is bound to every other aspect through the planetary etheric body. All forms of every degree share in the same vast circulation of life-energy that substands all that is.

Per Saperne di Più

April—June 2009

"Let Recognition be the Aim" —Editorial
What is the opportunity for group service in such a moment? An interlude, as we know, need not be simply an empty space or a lull spent waiting—for “something”. The spiritual power of an interlude can serve as a preparatory period in which stabilisation, assimilation, and recognition are attainable. If silence and poised, attentive listening can be maintained during such an interlude, a kind of stock-taking becomes possible.

Per Saperne di Più

January—March 2009

Cultivating Pliability in an Age in Flux — Editorial
The objective for the world’s disciples and aspirants is not merely to "remain standing", so to speak, during the inflow of new-age energies, but to be of service to the Great Ones who seek to work through their agents in the world: the new group of world servers.

Per Saperne di Più