2010 issues

Table of contents, 2010 issues

October—December 2010

Maintaining Integrity in Group Relationships — Editorial
When integrity is freed from its anchorage in individually-centred terms, it becomes a vitally important spiritual catalyst in group life. Literally, integrity means wholeness, completeness, the state of being undivided

Per Saperne di Più

July—September 2010

The Purpose of Polarities - Editorial
The theme of polarity figures in a number of articles in this issue of The Beacon, beginning with an excerpt from the Tibetan teacher’s writings – “Why is this Solar System Evolving Along the Lines of Duality?”

Per Saperne di Più

April—June 2010

The Universality of the Spiritual Quest — Editorial
The Festivals transcend the differences of doctrine and ritual which characterise the religions of the world, while giving affirmation to the spiritual impulse which vibrates through all the great religions.

Per Saperne di Più

January—March 2010

Holding the Vision in a Time of Decision — Editorial
Humanity is starved for a vision that can inspire and uplift, and this has always been so, for as Proverbs 29:18 tells us, where there is no vision, the people perish. But the initial enthusiasm with which humanity might respond to an inspiring vision can become deflated over the passage of time if the expected results don't materialise quickly

Per Saperne di Più