2011 issues

Table of contents, 2011 issues

October—December 2011

To Serve as an Esotericist — Editorial
The esoteric server recognises the heart centre as the abode of human unity. He finds that as his life begins to radiate, it exerts a magnetic effect upon others, enabling him to touch the hidden centre that exists within all his fellowmen.

Per Saperne di Più

July—September 2011

The Quest for Identity - Editorial
Why should the search for a sense of who we really are be so problematic? Perhaps because the discovery of our true identity is, as is true of all achievements in consciousness, an unfolding process, not an isolated event.

Per Saperne di Più

April—June 2011

Why Sacrifice? — Editorial
Acquiescence to the need for sacrifice comes with an understanding of the role of the will. To think of sacrifice as a relinquishment of one’s personal autonomy, of one’s own will, is to confuse sacrifice with blind acceptance of what has been called "the inscrutable will of God".

Per Saperne di Più

January—March 2011

The Gift of Sight — Editorial
Something completely new is being developed: We are seeing the group light bearer increasingly functioning through the work of the new group of world servers. Through their efforts, the light of knowledge has become well anchored in the world

Per Saperne di Più