Virgo Festival Meditation Meeting

"Throughout the whole process of growth and evolution, and potent in Virgo, runs thetheme of service." Service underlies the evolutionary process in this planet. We can consciously cooperate with this process as we learn to live more by the dictates of the soul and less by the demands of the personality. But the effort towards cooperation is not for our own benefit. We would all be better off personally for having redeemed our personalities and having learned how to live, even by a little, as a soul in manifestation; but the essential purpose is that through these expansions and growth in consciousness we may become of greater service to humanity as a whole. Service is not a matter of planned and contrived activity; not necessarily participation in worthwhile actions, although these too are needed; but as one is capable of reflecting soul energy into every aspect of daily life, it not only transforms the environment, but acts as a transmutative agent within the heart of humanity. It serves also to contribute to the transfiguration of the whole human personality by the power of the human soul. Service in its true sense is a spontaneous effect of soul control, based on love for humanity. Love and service are inseparable qualities in the life of the soul and in the endeavour of the soul to express itself more perfectly through the personality form. In Virgo we can develop this demonstration of love as right relationship and service as an attribute of love.


Riunioni Lucis Trust

New York

venerdì 28 agosto 2015 07:00 p.

TRS Inc.
27 William St.,
3rd Floor

New York


Independent local meetings

Visit the Global Network directory on this site to find a list of independent groups holding festival meditation meetings at the time of the full moon.

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