The Rose School, Kettering, UK

Thirteen healers from the Rose School in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom met on Saturday, 22 December to celebrate the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers. The meeting included meditation, talks and group discussion.

The focaliser explains:

There had been many weeks previous a suggestion that the Higher Dimensional Healing group meet up on the 22 December to catch up and discuss how to progress the foundation.

Being aware that this fell into the start of the week of the seven year cycle of the New Group of World Servers, we confirmed the date.

From this initial concept one could not imagine what would follow.

The Higher Dimensional Healing group of which there are sixteen members connect absently every Sunday evening at 9.00 pm to radiate healing to those that have responded to the request, the duration is 15-20 minutes although its radiation is more like an hour.

Later on Sunday the idea was impressed that if we are meeting physically we should conduct a group healing, which was called "The healing miracle". On the Monday it was posted on the Facebook pages with a picture, they were The Rose School, crystals, minerals and gemstones, The healing channel, HDH community and the private HDH group. That was the start names started to pour in and by Friday evening there were 400 names. I have to say the response had so touched my heart that I was overwhelmed. On the Thursday I produced a sequence of events for the meeting.

On the Saturday of the meeting an appeal came in for healing for the Amatsiko children in Uganda, 104 orphans of the Bakiga tribe, other names kept coming in, it reached a total of 500 people. Two aspects of the meeting seemed important, one was concerning the link between the inner and the outer group, and the last part of the reappearance of the Christ meditation - "(5). consider practically what you can do in the coming week to further the preparation for the coming of the christ", which I emphasised to the group as the meeting closed.

Total members present were twelve and with myself thirteen, needless to say the healing transcended time and space, after which the members wrote up their experiences. There were many messages of thanks from those who participated.

After Saturday it seemed important to use the reappearance of the Christ meditation, with point five of the meditation always in mind led to the organising of a full moon meditation meeting on Friday, the 28 December.

I have to say it was quite an amazing week giving many insights for 2013. Incidently, the healing on the Sunday following the Saturday went from 117 people the week before to 350 people. Also the need to promote the work with the children and the idea to do the next healing miracle to coincide with the Easter Festival and expand upon what has been achieved.