Lucis Trust presents

An afternoon of experimentation with the sacred power of light and sound in celebration of the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers

Sacred Sight, Sacred Sound


1.00—5.30 Saturday, 22nd December 2012,

Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand, London WC2N 5HX.


The growth of intuitional telepathy and the increasing comprehension of the power of colour and sound will enable the work of the Christ and of the Great Ones to be contacted and understood, and the peoples released from the thraldom of the past and enabled to enter into the liberty of the Kingdom of God. (Alice Bailey)

Understanding the Inner Vision - John Gordon

John Gordon has been a member of the Theosophical Society for over thirty-five years and is an internationally published author of books and articles on various aspects of esoteric philosophy, with particular interest in its practical relationship with science. His presentation will explore the visual arts as a gateway to the world of meaning, and the higher aspects of clairvoyance.

The Sun upon the Square - Lead us from Chaos to Beauty

Group visualisation using a symbol from the Ageless Wisdom teachings. As an instrument of service, it can help bring harmony and beauty out of conflict; its study provides the key to aspects of the creative process and divine objectives.

The Sound of Reconciliation - David Dennis

David Dennis is a composer, professional musician and teacher. He directs the work of ‘The Fellowship of the Labyrinth’, whose ‘Centre for Reconciliation & Creative Change’ is dedicated to reconciliation through the esoteric laws of harmonics underlying the medium of music. David’s presentation will include group participation in a ceremony of reconciliation for humanity.



Seminar Program

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