The Group of World Servers

A worldwide group of servers, drawn from every field of human life, is pioneering the ideas and practices of an emerging spiritual civilization.

Countless men and women in every land are today inspired by a vision of Oneness and are actively serving that vision. Together, whether they know it or not, they form a group in consciousness – The Group of World Servers.

This pioneering group is not a band of impractical mystics. Each member of the group is working to bring principles of wholeness to life in every field, from the depths of mind and heart where the ethics of wholeness are nourished in meditation and prayer, religion, metaphysics and astrology, through to the arts and sciences, politics and law, race relations and international affairs. They are a bridging group between humanity and the spiritual realms, holding within themselves as a group the seeds of the coming civilisation and the new culture.

Above all else, world servers are distinguished by their ability to work along constructive lines, and in group formation. They emphasise points of contact over points of difference, and seek to end racial hatreds and all types of sectarian and class divisions by addressing the causes of separation. In thought and action world servers seek to reveal the good and the true, emphasizing understanding and mutual goodwill. They represent an attitude of mind. It is this subjective unity that makes them in fact one group in consciousness – The Group of World Servers.*

When active in the field of international politics, World Servers promote the thought that every nation has something of value to contribute to the work of building an interdependent world centered on universal principles of the oneness of humanity and the value of the individual. When active in the religious field, they heal differences and recognise the universality of truth. When active in the economic field, they promote the principle of universal sharing. They focus on building bridges rather than condemning or criticising any race or nation, class or system.

*  When this group was first identified in the 1930s by Alice Bailey, it represented an entirely new, worldwide expression of the principle of group consciousness, and hence was referred to as The New Group of World Servers.

The pages linked below explore the work of this Group in more detail.

The New Group of World Servers

Working in all the main fields of human activity and in all countries everywhere in the world, the New Group of World Servers acts as a synthesising factor within humanity and lays the foundations for right human relations and ultimate world unity.

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Cicli Temporali del Nuovo Gruppo di Servitori del Mondo

Questi cicli vanno dal periodo della festa del Wesak al tempo del plenilunio del Toro

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The New Group Of World Servers – Group Forerunner Of The Christ

A talk given at the 1998 Arcane School Conference in New York about the New Group of World Servers.

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Mantram del Nuovo Gruppo di Servitori del Mondo

Ogni giorno, alle diciassette, donne e uomini di buona volontà si collegano nel pensiero con questo gruppo mondiale di servitori usando questo mantram con dedizione e attenzione silenziosa e focalizzata.Questo può essere fatto in pochi secondi e ovunque ci si trovi.

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Settimana di Festa del Nuovo Gruppo di Servitori del Mondo

La Settimana di Festa del NGSM avrà luogo tra il 21 ed il 28 di Dicembre di quest’anno. Questo evento è una settimana di impatto di gruppo e si tiene ogni 7 anni.

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Some Thoughts On Festival Week Of The New Group Of World Servers – 2012

The following are some thoughts on how we might approach preparations for the Festival Week to be observed next December.

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I Cicli del Nuovo Gruppo di Servitori del Mondo

Le attività del nuovo gruppo di servitori del mondo seguono uno schema ritmico di periodi di tre anni, ciascuno dei quali prende forma dal precedente conservando tutto ciò che è stato acquisito.

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Meditazione durante la Luna Nuova

Negli ultimi anni, ogni mese è stato intrapreso un lavoro specifico durante il periodo della luna nuova, come per molto tempo era stato fatto al tempo della luna piena.

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Meditazione del Novilunio - Procedura

Questa meditazione viene usata al novilunio

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