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Free Spirit is a non-sectarian organisation that helps teachers gain a greater understanding of spirituality so that they can help awaken the spiritual impulse in young people. Free Spirit is guided by principles which encourage an open-minded and facilitative approach to learning and is part of the University for Spirit Forum Schools Project. The National Curriculum guidelines in England, Wales and Northern Ireland require that all State schools provide opportunities for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and that this should take place throughout the curriculum and through the contribution made by school ethos, effective relationships, collective worship, and other activities. The Free Spirit programmes, by deepening teachers’ spiritual understanding, then help young people enhance the quality of their lives, enabling them to grow in ways that reflect the most deeply held democratic, ethical and spiritual values that underpin society. The aims of Free Spirit are highlighted by the upcoming first National Conference: Free Spirit – Educating Heart and Soul, which will take place in London on Saturday April 29th 2006. This conference will include keynote papers on spiritual development and workshops which will help teachers to: understand curriculum and local authority guidelines on spiritual development; acquire practical advice and tools to enhance harmony in the classroom and staff room; bring to life values that promote a loving and supporting school environment; become equipped to help children add a ‘spiritual dimension’ to their school lives bringing improved relationships and a greater awareness and respect for others and for the world; learn to cope with the strains and stresses of teaching by accessing their spiritual nature; understand more about the differences between 'spiritual' and 'religious' teaching and explore the common 'spiritual' links between religions and faiths; encourage more openness and discussion about spiritual issues; to find new ways of expressing their own spiritual impulse. For more information: visit website;
email [email protected] or write to Free Spirit, Hawthorns, Dog Lane, Wethersfield, Essex, CM7 4ED

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