2013 #2


As regular readers will know, each year, World Goodwill sponsors a seminar at our three centres in New York, London and Geneva. This year, the theme of the meeting was Energy Follows Thought.

Why this theme? Simply put, the power of enlightened thinking is the evocative principle of the new world community that we all long to see.

Per Saperne di Più

New York - Craig Holdrege

"Today we will look at our relation to the natural world and how, through a certain way of studying and contemplating nature, we can ourselves become more alive. There is an immense force of spirit in the world everywhere, and in the living world in particular."

Per Saperne di Più

New York - David Nicol

"Today’s task is relatively straightforward, for subtle activism is in many ways a name for something that we’re doing here today and that many groups are doing. Part of my work is to create a framework that is large enough so groups can recognize each other and bring more coherence to that field. "

Per Saperne di Più

London - Leonidas Zoudros

"The journey into consciousness and the world of meaning involves identifying patterns of thought and looking deeply into them to understand their hidden relationship to one another and to the causes that lie behind them;"

Per Saperne di Più

London - Dr Chintamani Yogi

"I come from Nepal to talk to you about timeless values and social change... I begin with a Namaste, an ancient Sanskrit blessing. Although I come from Nepal, a very small country in relation to the rest of the world, my work is to encourage goodwill throughout the world."

Per Saperne di Più

London - Matt Daw

"PhotoVoice... is a UK based international charity that has been in existence for 12 years. The organisation's vision is for a world in which no one is denied the opportunity to speak out and be heard. The charity promotes participatory photography – photography by people who are the subjects of the photos and who are affected by the issues."

Per Saperne di Più

Geneva - Marco Toscano-Rivalta

A talk by Marco Toscano-Rivalta of the United Nations Center for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) on The United Nations as a "Centre for harmonizing the Actions of Nations".  "...the will is instrumental in the processes of 'impression', 'creative thinking' and 'direction' which lie behind the truism 'energy follow thought'. Therefore, understanding the will, its nature, its functioning, its characteristics, and the fact that we need to dedicate time and effort to its development, is of fundamental importance. The work to build a centre for harmonising the actions of ourselves, or of nations, needs to follow a specific program. In order to harmonise actions, actions need to be initiated. Many forms of action need to be explored in order to channel the will existing in, and to be manifested by, 7.2 billion people."

Per Saperne di Più

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