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The printed study sets are offered free of charge to all who are concerned with human progress. Donations, which are needed to cover the cost of printing and postage, are accepted with gratitude. Any of the study sets may be obtained in one of three ways: by downloading them as PDF files (The free Adobe Reader is required - go to www.adobe.com) and printing them; by filling in the online order form below; or by writing to World Goodwill via this contacts page. Also available are a brief set of guidelines to facilitate group work with the study sets.

Per scaricare i documenti nel formato Adobe Acrobat PDF

Per scaricare il file scelto, cliccate il tasto destro del mouse sul link appropriato “[PDF]” e selezionate “SALVA OGGETTO CON NOME” o “COPIA COLLEGAMENTO” dal menu che appare

Dispensa 1. Introduzione [PDF 354 Kb]

Dispensa 2. Rinnovamento psicologico delle nazioni

Dispensa 3. Infanzia, gioventù ed educazione [PDF 477 Kb]

Dispensa 4. Capitale, lavoro e occupazione

Dispensa 5. Minoranze razziali [PDF 498 Kb]

Dispensa 6. Chiese e religioni organizzate [PDF 286 Kb]

Dispensa 7. Unità internazionale [PDF 701 kb]

Introduction to the Problems of Humanity


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