2018 World Goodwill Seminar, London


In Resonance with the Living Earth


1pm – 5.30pm,
10 November 2018
Amba Hotel,
Charing Cross, London



An afternoon of talks, discussion and meditation on how human consciousness is interconnected with the earth and all its lifeforms, and how we may be inspired to cooperate with evolutionary purpose.

Guest Speakers

What’s Wrong with our Present-Day Scientific Thinking?
Jeremy Dunning-Davies

Jeremy Dunning-Davies is a retired senior lecturer of Hull University in the departments of mathematics and physics: "We will peer behind the veil of human history, and discover that the basic mental topography of modern man and his morality contain within them a basic hidden flaw, a secret which once unbound may lead toward the brightest future. Hope lies hidden."

  Sensing Evolutionary Potential: Co-creating Magnificence with the More-than-Human
Giles Hutchins

Giles Hutchins is a keynote speaker, adviser and executive coach at the fore-front of a [r]evolution in leadership consciousness and organisational development, stimulating head-space and heart-knowing for forward-leaning leaders and organisations to become vibrant, purposeful and future-fit. He is the author of three books, and his latest TEDx talk is entitled [R]evolution: Separateness to Connectedness. He blogs at www.thenatureofbusiness.org.
Relationships for Change: A Path towards Resonance with all of Life
Jen Morgan

Jen Morgan is a strategist/entrepreneur working to “co-design and co-create strategies that can help accelerate human evolution and the thriving of all life on the planet.” Jen is the Co-Founder of the Finance Innovation Lab – a globally recognized organisation for social innovation, and is currently Executive Director for The Psychosynthesis Trust.

Please join us at:

1pm – 5.30pm,
Saturday, 10 November 2018

Amba Hotel
Charing Cross,
London WC2N 5HX

All meetings are offered on
a voluntary donation basis.

For those unable to attend, watch the seminar live on this page.

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