World Goodwill Seminar - London

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Saturday, November 2, 2013 — from 1pm - 5.30 pm

Charing Cross Hotel
The Strand
London WC2N 5HX

Energy follows Thought: The Dynamics of Social Change

  • Talks and group discussion reflecting on how the meditative potency of a group can open a path for higher values to enter human life.
  • Group meditation seeking to strengthen the hands of all who love and serve.
  • One Event, 3 locations.Energy Follows Thought events also in New York and Geneva on November 2nd. Together we will build a group thoughtform.


Working with the Divine Pattern - Leonidas Zoudros

Leonidas Zoudros, a mathematician and member of London Headquarters Group, will be showing how a higher correspondence of the patterning found in fractal geometry can be found in the science of consciousness, and the law: “energy follows and conforms itself to thought”. The magnetic power of group ideas serve as ‘attractors’ in the field of consciousness, helping to lift humanity out of conflict into an era of harmony and law.

Timeless Values and Social Change - Dr Chintamani Yogi

Chintamani Yogi is the founder of Hindu Vidyapeeth Schools, which promote values education in Nepal. This movement aims to educate and support disadvantaged and orphaned children on a not-for-profit basis, and to empower them for the future. He also teaches communities around the world about the 5 sensory human values: truth, love, peace, selfless service and non-violence. He is the founder and leader of several organisations in Nepal, which include among their goals the education of underprivileged women, and the active promotion of peace. He will be reflecting on how to present timeless principles in ways which mobilise public opinion.

Reimagining the World - Matt Daw

Matt Daw is the Projects Manager for PhotoVoice, an NGO which uses participatory photography for social change. He is also the Chair of Hindu Vidyapeeth UK, which supports the educational work of Dr Yogi in Nepal. His presentation will focus on how preconceptions can be challenged through the power of a group capturing the essential qualities of a situation through photography.

There is no charge for admission. This event is funded entirely by donations so your contributions are most welcome.

World Goodwill is an activity of the Lucis Trust, a registered educational charity. The Lucis Trust is on the Roster of the UN Economic and Social Council.


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