An Affirmation of Goodwill


Formula for World Peace and Progress

We, the people of goodwill, convinced:

  • that there is potential for good in every human being
  • that the human family can live together in right relations and at peace
  • that right relationship between peoples and nations and between humanity and the earth is the key to world peace and progress
  • that practical goodwill is the key to right relationships
  • that the energy of goodwill is the active principle of peace, justice and progress for all humanity

Recognising that:

  • the organs of global civil society are cooperating in an unprecedented fashion, motivated by the united purpose of forging a world of unity, peace and right relations
  • that these cooperative initiatives are characterized by the will-to-good of the whole
  • and that this common goal is one which all people of goodwill should actively promote

Affirm our intention:

  • to practice goodwill in all our relationships, in all daily affairs and in our attitudes and actions towards those of other nations, ethnic groups, religions and social backgrounds, and towards the earth
  • to support and co-operate with those in positions of influence and responsibility who use goodwill and reason, instead of force and coercion
  • to encourage, publicise and work for an attitude of practical goodwill in local, national and international groups and institutions.

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