Distributing the Mantram of Unification (Cameroon)

A co-worker in Cameroon was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the unification of Cameroon (1 October 2011) to print and distribute the Mantram of Unification card in his country. He decided that changing the title to "Prayer of Unification" would be appropriate. In cooperation with London HQ, he was able to have 5000 cards printed locally to a high standard, and in spite of the political tensions present (there is an active separatist movement in the English speaking part of the country) he successfully distributed them, together with the Great Invocation. The co-worker notes: "The work is continuing with the distribution of other Goodwill literature. The message all mankind should bear in mind is that we are really one despite belonging to different countries, religions, tribes and races. Sounding the Mantram of Unification unites us all at the spiritual level."