The Challenge of Starting a Meditation Group

By a co-worker in the United Kingdom

Holding the Full Moon meditation at my flat seems to be progressing well. I have two people attending on a regular basis – they also come to my flat to share in the new moon work. Because they are keen to learn more about the books and teachings I am setting up a study group. This has been a great training ground, opening up a new service area and forcing me to lead often when I am uncertain. Also learning aspects such as right timing, trusting the process.

I feel a stronger affinity with the ashramic work and the Sources(s) governing this project. It never ceases to amaze me how effective the 'as if' approach can be in conquering the glamours of the lower self. No matter how uncomfortable, I do feel the work to be deeply esoteric – In the one session I learn more about the work, myself and group dynamics than any book could teach.