World Invocation Day And Full Moon Work

By a co-worker in the United Kingdom

Tomorrow on World Invocation Day I and my group along with groups and individuals all over the world will make time to link up and say the Great Invocation and we will also hold a full moon meeting at the same time that Headquarters will be holding theirs as our contribution to the wider group effort.

This work has been a natural part of my life for many years. When I first entered the Arcane School I did so through a unit of service. I was very young and was invited by a friend to go along to a full moon meeting in 1975. I went along not knowing what to expect and found I was not only deeply touched by the full moon talk and meditation (which happened to be in my own sign) but that I was introduced to the Great Invocation, the work of Triangles, World Goodwill and the Bailey books - which were a wonderful set of hardback books. All this appealed to my curiosity. However, rather than commit to anything at that stage I went on to complete my education and gain my professional qualifications. Then I went back to that unit of service and went to another full moon meeting, this time on World Invocation Day and I then applied to join the Arcane School, joining in 1979. The co-worker became a close friend and introduced me to all the work and I remained in touch with her and her group, so that when she became ill before she died, I took some of the full moon meetings for her in her own home to enable her to keep on serving until the end of her life. So the importance of the full moon work as an integral part of the work of the Lucis Trust and the Arcane School became the foundation of my life at an early age.

After my friend died in 1990 I went along to the full moon meetings at Headquarters and discovered to my amazement that my friend's full moon meetings had been run in exactly the same way as Headquarters' with the same meditation format and the same keynotes, preceded by an introductory talk and with all the Lucis Trust literature available. And gradually over a few years the seed gradually formed to do the full moon work myself and to start my own group.

In 1996, I went to the Arcane School conference and spoke to one or two co-workers who ran their own full moon meditation groups and at that conference a co-worker from Australia gave a talk on her unit of service work and how it began and grew, and she ended up with a quotation from Goethe: "Are you in earnest? Then seize this very minute. Anything you can do or dream you can, begin it. Only engage and the mind grows heated. Boldness has genius and magic in it. Only begin and then the work will be completed." So I began, not quite knowing what to expect, but intending to keep on no matter what, fired with enthusiasm and knowing that I would be linking up with all other groups and individuals who were making their approach at the time of the full moon all over the world which provided the strength of the group light and love to draw upon and contribute to.

To my amazement about ten people turned up and I discovered that they had all been regular attendees at full moon meetings which were originally established by my old friend. Her group came to me until they died and the work began its regular rhythm. I did not set out in this work by wanting a group and to do group work and then not knowing what to do. I was doing the full moon work anyway and as my friend used to quote DK and say: "Be not the centre of the work you undertake, but be its fluid life." So I knew that the rhythm, commitment and note of the group were up to me to establish and maintain, in complete cooperation with and as a small extension of the full moon work at Headquarters.

So each month I hold a small group in my home who meditate at the time of the full moon. I see it as an extension of the work I do in the Arcane school and for the Lucis Trust because it is a service that I would do anyway on my own. So a small group of us meet each month and we do the same meditation as Headquarters, except that we do it more as a sixfold progression of divine love amalgamated with the full moon approach to the Hierarchy. Because the group attracts new people from time to time and people who do not want to join the Arcane School, I have had to slightly alter some of the terminology in order to simplify it so we link up with the Hierarchy or the Great Ones and we direct a line of lighted energy to the centre where the will of God is known (called by some Shamballa). We always link up in thought with all three Headquarters centres beforehand in order to focus our work as a part of the greater group work. Over the years we have begun with a small talk to focus and align ourselves with the planetary energies available at the time of the particular full moon. Sometimes we have used the talk which is outlined in the Full moon booklet from World Goodwill. And the group has loved what they call "the Hercules story", for each month and sometimes I have used some of the thoughts for the month from the Labours of Hercules. At the time of the major festivals and conference period, we use the Letting in the Light meditation with the festivals’ and conference keynote and we sometimes have quite a discussion about it.

We anchored the full moon group with the formation of a triangle and this has extended to more triangles. The group love the Triangles bulletin, the World Goodwill newsletter and The Beacon. And they all say the Great Invocation every day and spread it among their friends and in their healing groups of which some of them are a part. And we always say the Great Invocation on World Invocation Day together. I make a particular point of making available to the group all the leaflets, articles, books and information that I possibly can from Headquarters and I find that they love to think that they are helping in their small way to lift human consciousness, to infuse light and love into the world as a part of their own planetary service, which they see as so important at this time of world crisis.

Also, their link in this way with the work of the Lucis Trust gives them a yardstick and set of values and a method of discriminating, which they appreciate, between the many so-called New Age groups and teachings which flood the market.

I have found that the work has had a life of its own, although it needs my input, direction, focus and commitment as a School student to keep on with the work (which is an automatic rhythm with me), and I have had to accept the times of ebb, when no-one much turns up and the times of flow when we have had as many as fifteen. At times we have advertised in local health food shops, the local library, the local newspaper and local healing and new age groups and shops, although usually we find that people bring their friends. I never sought to find other Arcane School students in this work; rather I have always looked upon it as attracting new people who might not otherwise have come across the work of the Lucis Trust. But I always make the books and information about the Arcane School available and have found that one or two people did become interested and join the School for a short time (but then left because they found it too much). But they continued to come along to the full moon meetings and say the Great Invocation and do their triangle.

One or two of the group have been along to the Arcane School Conference and the World Goodwill Seminar which they have enjoyed and they have also gone along to it with friends. A few years ago, to my surprise, we did attract two School members who happened to be living nearby and wanted to be able to do the full moon work in a group. One was an old lady who had been an amazing worker and School student in her time, having gone along to her first full moon meeting which was taken by Alice Bailey, and she had been a regular attendee at full moon meetings. Her presence at my full moon meetings enabled her to keep her inner link vitalised and continue to serve in this way right up to the end of her life. She was an amazing influence to me in sharpening up my full moon focus and alignment and in deepening my talks. And her memories of the early days in the work were fascinating. Also at that time another School student was living and working nearby and came along to my meetings because she couldn't get to Headquarters and so we had some interesting discussions on various themes and aspects of the work of Triangles, World Goodwill, and the importance of meditation at the time of the full moon.

So on World Invocation Day my group and I will be saying the Great Invocation along with all the many groups and individuals throughout the world. We obtained some of the Great Invocation cards, postcards and bookmarks from Headquarters, which they intend to share with their friends. And at 6.30 pm we will be doing our full moon meditation using the Letting in the Light meditation and the Festivals and conference keynote.

To me the full moon work has a living and dynamic quality which enables us to establish our alignment with Shamballa, the Hierarchy, the New Group of World Servers and Humanity, and each month we build on the work which was done in the past and strengthen our alignment in the present and for the future. As we link up with the vast, worldwide network of light, it is as if we add our own little light to the dynamic, radiant and living lightbeam, in which as a group we cooperate with and enter into the meditation of the Hierarchy, the rhythm of which can be likened to the planetary heartbeat. So the full moon work demonstrates a living synthesis which expands and grows with each year and each generation throughout the world.

The full moon work is a service that is both vital and alive and made up of many diverse groups and individuals who bring their own particular note and quality to it. It reaches out to the farthest corners of the world in a way which leads us to reach beyond our individual capacities and capabilities, enabling us to inspire others to contribute their part in serving the Plan and putting light into the world's darkness. In this way the full moon work has always inspired me and continues to do so. [-]