September 2014

Dear friend,

Working out beneath the surface of the information and communications revolution, is an arcane process with tremendous implications for humanity’s future. In the digital circuits on which the Internet, computers and cellular phones all rely, electricity is made to run through the circuitry pattern on a silicon chip performing an ordered, repetitive dance – the rudiments of ceremony and ritual.

Electricity is the life-force of Divinity; and the harnessing and directing of electrical behaviour is all part of the Divine Plan. In Alice Bailey’s words, “electricity is the foundation of all manifestations and lies back of all evolution. It produces light in ever-growing brilliancy…and lies behind all human relationships…he who has solved what lies back of electrical phenomena has solved…the secret of his own Being.”

Compared to just a hundred years ago, the quality of light in the world has evolved significantly through experimentation with electricity. In homes and in industry, in science, technology and medicine, light is being focused, transmuted and radiated. Areas of the spectrum invisible to human sight are being explored, pointing to a future where the inner realms of being will eventually be discovered.Humanity is truly moving towards an age of light wherein the very secrets of life will reveal themselves.

Our current understanding of light is limited to its association with physical matter, but in its rarefied state, light is the essence of consciousness; and in the spiritually developed person, light expresses itself through the medium of inspirational ideas. Patterns of light descend from the Soul and impress themselves on the ‘vital airs’ in the brain cavity. From here they cross the boundary between the inner and outer worlds, stimulating the brain cells and the electrical firing of the synapses. As a consequence, the light of the seen and unseen worlds merges in the brain’s circuitry fulfilling the injunction of the Great Invocation, “Let Light descend on Earth.”

This fusion of the light of the Soul with the light of matter is the basis of redemption – the progressive raising of the whole of creation towards the Divine. When the thinking of the majority is conditioned by the loving inspiration of the Soul, the lower worlds will become illumined by Divine purpose and humanity will enter its birthright as a planetary light bearer. Through loving, inclusive thoughts inspired by the Soul, beautiful geometric patterns of light are automatically generated in the lower worlds, which over time inevitably induce a more enlightened state of consciousness in responsive hearts and minds. The service initiative, Triangles, is the simplest and most powerful example of this.

The right education of children is, of course, pivotal in developing a more enlightened state of consciousness. To this end, future developments in education can be expected to focus on bridging between the intellect and the intuition. The intuition is the transmitter of radiant truth and beauty from the realm of the Soul – the one true reality. As this is more widely recognized, the ephemeral and transient nature of time and space should become a central theme of education along with a study of the great Law of Cause and Effect that governs consciousness and produces all happenings in the external world.

The incoming energy of the seventh Ray of Ceremony and Order will be instrumental in bringing about these changes in education. The seventh ray has the ability to blend all of the rays into one great energetic light bringing illumination, revelation and the establishment of order upon the Earth. And a wonderful initiative towards this glorious future is the United Nations “International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies” in 2015. Throughout the year the UN will seek to raise global awareness of the science and applications of light, and of how “optics and photonics can have a positive impact in fields as diverse as energy, education, agriculture and health.”

The UN Year of Light occurs at a time in human evolution when the heavens are opening and light is descending all around us, so beautifully symbolized by the all seeing eye of space telescopes that catch the light radiating from the depths of the cosmos. The time has now come for this to be paralleled by inner vision.

For this reason, the Lucis Trust will be supporting the UN Year of Light by means of its World Goodwill seminars in New York, Geneva and London on Saturday, 25th October 2014. Through talks, discussion and meditation, we will be working to amplify the emerging light of human consciousness and exploring the role of developing light-based technology and communications in the trend towards inner unity and synthesis within humanity.

We hope you will join us in this group service and help to anchor the vision of humanity’s next step forward on its remarkable journey into an Age of Light.

In the light of group vision,


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