World Goodwill is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a commentary on The Child. It features reflections on the innate spirituality of the young, the changing attitudes to children through the ages, right techniques of raising and educating children, and the significance of children for future world transformation. A few extracts are presented below:

“The research of child psychiatrist Robert Coles, Ph.D., indicates that children possess an innate moral, spiritual and even political sensitivity. Children are not only keenly aware of morals, ideals, values, and the differences between right and wrong, they also have a sharp perception of the reasons behind people’s actions, feelings and thoughts.”

“Alice Bailey wrote, ‘The damage done to children in the plastic and pliable years is often irremediable and is responsible for much of the pain and suffering in later life.’Scientific studies point to the validity of this statement. The pathways in the brain do in fact become set in place and significantly less malleable to change as children grow, particularly after the age of five.”

“The modern family and contemporary views on child rearing are actually quite recent developments. It is sometimes forgotten that these tremendous advances in the field of human relationships have been just as groundbreaking and important as the technological advances of our age.”

“Reason supports the proposition that children are humanity’s best hope and most direct path to world transformation. Is there really any other way quite so potent to bring about real and lasting change in the world? This is essentially the task of recognising the value of each child. A child that has been valued will naturally embrace the society that has valued them. By valuing each child, pathways of positive human interrelationships, cooperation and goodwill naturally unfold, displacing the entrenched forces of global competition and strife, and laying the needed groundwork for the recognition of the fact of one humanity.”


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