April-June 2008

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Cultivating a Poised Silence - Editorial

This capacity to live the dual life, when mastered, will be an evolutionary step forward, and it is intended to be the gift of the western disciple to human development. The higher interlude of the full moon each month presents us with this opportunity, and the higher interlude of the year—the three major spiritual Festivals now fast approaching—is the zenith of our group approach to the spiritual Hierarchy. When the discipleship group has mastered the dual life, they will have the privilege of bringing more light, more love and spiritual power into the world, which is just where these spiritual potencies are most needed.

Meditation as an Act of Creation, Part II - Djwhal Khul

The Electric Gods—Crisis and Revelation in Astrophysics - Laurence Newey

One of the tasks of the esotericist is to construct a bridge of reason between exoteric and esoteric science. As an electric view of the universe and the spiralling forces that construct it are taken into mainstream scientific thinking, the esoteric perspective may become more accessible. For esoteric science is based on the purposeful, electric drive of Divine Will contacting substance and accelerating its inherent rotary motion.

History as the Revealer of Hierarchy - Kimberley Riley

How can we use our collective past to reveal Hierarchy both to ourselves and to others? Our first task will be to redeem the very idea that such a relationship exists. We must begin, individually and collectively, to imagine vividly a continual, universal and conditioning bond between humanity and Hierarchy at every phase of human development and history.

The Five Planetary Centres—Part I - Roger F. Roy

Through the five etheric planetary centres of London, Darjeeling, New York, Geneva and Tokyo, an amazing array of energies are being directed into our world. The keynotes and geographic areas of influence shed light on the wonderful instrument that various Ashrams of the Hierarchy have at their disposal to help humanity to evolve its consciousness and redeem itself from the past, and to deal with our planet's "suffering, sorrow, pain and struggle".

Brotherhood: Goodwill Among Men - Gloria Crook

Can we watch and hear of the corruption and crime among our human race and retain our serenity, in the knowledge that such is temporary and the power of goodwill among us can bring an end to it? Where do we cross the line and leap to attack in our thoughts and voiced interchange? If we are truly dedicated, there can be no line, for our unity with those brothers and sisters with whom we disagree is no less than with the ones nearest and dearest to us.

Goodwill—Love in Action - Judith Dunne

To give something away that we did not actually want cannot be classed as true giving. Today, this is known as recycling! To give without comprehending the need also cannot be classed as true giving. An empathetic understanding of the need of others allows us to truly meet their need and give where we can. Meeting the need with understanding and love is goodwill in action.

Truth? What Are We Talking About? - Shirley Teper

To be most receptive to and able to sustain pure Spirit, one must be independent of social convention, free from personal attachments and self-interest, and cleansed of constricting subtle blockages in the deep psyche and possibly even in the soul.

The Kundalini Syndrome - Ivan Kovacs

A true candidate for a timely kundalini arousal would at least be someone who is a complete master of his physical, emotional and mental faculties, with all their functions subjugated and controlled by the soul. resulting in a life of absolute dedication to the soul with its consequent usefulness in world service. How many of us can truly say that we conform to all these requirements, and how much effort do we really put into trying to make them part of our spiritual make-up?

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