October—December 2009

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Building a Better Future, Step by Step — Editorial

A wise teacher said, "I rejoice if you understand that obstacles are possibilities" (Agni Yoga 494). Skill in action is acquired, step by step, through the successful resolution of our problems, as a kind of duplication of the way in which the antahkarana, the bridge in consciousness, is built: out of the substance of one's own life and understanding, much as a spider spins its thread.

Discipleship — Djwhal Khul

Holding the Vision in a Time of Uncertainty — Christine Morgan

From the hilltop of vision, the interconnection and interrelation of all forms will be plainly seen and an understanding of synthesis will dawn. The discipleship group is attempting to stand on this hilltop and transmit the vision to humanity on a fiat of implacable will, thus strengthening the hands of the new group of world servers—the Great Invocation being the main tool at our disposal for the willful discharge of the energies of the Plan.

Conscious Awareness and the Role of the Observer — David E. Hopper

It's important to examine why a disciple needs to tune into his real Self and become a conscious observer in all that he does. This is directly related to connecting with the soul and experiencing a knowingness of how to function in the world of the personality and the world of the soul simultaneously.

Capital, Labour and Employment, Part II — Levin A. Diatschenko

All that people need to do is "wave their hand", that is, manage the technology that does the work. This would surely mark a significant stage for humanity, when our hands are finally free. There are two roads from there. One road is to fill our fidgeting hands with a "reverse-rod"' and kill ourselves. The other way is to plant our rod upright in the earth and climb it, like Jacob's ladder.

Vibration and Numbers — The Tibetan

Forget not that in subtraction lieth simplification, which is the rule of the last half of the path of evolution. The downward path of evolution is governed by the rule of addition, and findeth its consummation in the human being at his highest development. The rule of the upward path is simplification through subtractionsubtraction through discrimination brought about through addition. The Ego subtracteth, the Personality addeth, the Monad multiplieth.

Time — Arnold Ward

If there is no consciousness there is no time. It is our consciousness that releases time as we travel through our successive states of Being and that was succinctly put by David Bohm when he stated that what we experience is the implicate order which is externalised from the underlying ONE into the explicate order in which we have our experience. From this we can infer that all events that occur in time are already present in embryo form.

Jan Smuts and the Concept of Holism — Iván Kovács

The term "holism" was introduced by Smuts in his 1926 book, 'Holism and Evolution', where he defined it as follows: "The tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts through creative evolution."

Becoming the Bridge to the Future: Stages of Service — Michelle Pearce

Selfless service is an impulse that is now manifesting within the society as a way of life. Although it is Barack Obama, among others, who are giving voice to this movement, it is an urge that is coming from deep within the soul of the race.

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