April—June 2010


The Universality of the Spiritual Quest — Editorial
The Festivals transcend the differences of doctrine and ritual which characterise the religions of the world, while giving affirmation to the spiritual impulse which vibrates through all the great religions.

The Effect of Ray I on Humanity — Djwhal Khul

The Great Invocation, The Sword of God — Wendy Boyd
The sword, like Excalibur, has still to be pulled from the stone, the concrete boulder of the lower mind. The Great Invocation can be seen as the Excalibur that is released from the stone and comes to life for all who apply the will-to-good to use it—the sword in the stone waiting to be seized and fulfill its destiny, the promise of paradise regained.

Two Polarities: Goodwill/Will-To-Good — Dale McKechnie
The Will-to-Good essentially describes the divine intent of our planetary Creator.

Relating Solar, Planetary and Human Etheric Fields — Judy Jacka
It appears that the human psyche influences the various planetary fields surrounding the Earth and finally translates the human response via the planetary etheric and electromagnetic fields into the electronic data base of Random Number Generators (RNGs). So we can say that the planetary etheric field transports the response of the human psyche instantaneously to all parts of the globe. These experiments have been duplicated many times.

Intuition — Sue Henry

Keys to the Future Found in the Past — Philip Graham
The two more advanced root races, the Atlantean and Aryan, would then correspond to Neanderthals and modern Homo sapiens respectively

Recreating the Past — Henry Guy
When one experiences repulsion from another, it is actually the human being, identified with the devas of his or her vehicles (identifed as the form), reacting to the devas of another's vehicles

Nikola Tesla - Man of Light — Jane Christie
One area of Tesla’s work that is only just being realised by scientists is his theory that there is something—an "ether"—that fills space which enables energy to transmit

Humanity as World Server — Ginny M. DeAngelis
We, humanity, have resisted wakefulness because it is far easier and much less stressful to embrace a dream than accept the responsibilities of living realisations

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