July—September 2010

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The Purpose of Polarities - Editorial
The theme of polarity figures in a number of articles in this issue of The Beacon, beginning with an excerpt from the Tibetan teacher’s writings – "Why is this Solar System Evolving Along the Lines of Duality?"

Why is This Solar System Evolving Along the Lines of Duality? — Djwhal Khul
It is one that has been asked under different forms by men of every school of thought—by religious people who enquire:—"Why did God create at all? Why is existence forced upon one and all?"; by scientists in their search for the ultimate truth and in their endeavor to find out the motivation of all that is seen, and to account for sensuous life.

Esotericism and the Feminine Principle — By Iván Kovács
Although the fundamentals of gender have been defined in Hermetic Philosophy, and discussed at some length in The Kybalion, in which the authors, the Three Initiates, attempt to elucidate Hermetic teachings in a practical way, it is only with the advent of C. G. Jung’s concepts of the anima and animus that the dual aspect of gender is treated with true insight and psychological understanding.

Relating Solar, Planetary And Human Etheric Fields – Part 2 — Judy Jacka
When considering the planet, we are familiar with idea of seven planetary centres within the planetary etheric and these have a correspondence to the human centres. Again, in considering the solar system we also have the planets forming centres within this greater system. There are the seven sacred planets of which ours is not yet one, and three other planets to make the ten of our present knowledge.

The Awakening Of The Self From Isolation To Universality — Sarah McKechnie
The essential purpose of this solar system, the Ageless Wisdom tells us, is the unfoldment of consciousness. This unfoldment, or perhaps expansion is a better term, is accomplished through the development of sensitivity. The whole process of evolution is based upon the impact of a greater life upon a lesser life, with the greater life serving as a positive charge, electrically speaking, and the lesser life a negative charge.

Threading The Needle — H. S. Darlington
The Sanscrit word for this thread-like pathway, on which one’s selfhood is strung like a bead, is "sutratma". Any teaching such as an aphorism that carries one’s vital bead forward on his thread of life is a portion of a thread, a stitch, or a "sutra" as the Sanscrit has it.

Esoteric Training And Psychic Unfoldment - A Student
The prospect of an inner existence that underlies and impacts the physical is a vague and uncertain idea to most, and the effort to comprehend it usually results in either a religious interpretation defined by abstract, mystical and allegorical concepts of body and soul or a scientific explanation based on theoretical and empirical research of matter and energy.

The Relevance of Ludwig Van Beethoven's
Work (1770-1827) In Times of Crises and Transition — Mario Eugster
Beethoven lived during the beginning of the great revolutions and crises in Western history, particularly during the French revolution with the proclamation of the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. The political movements were characterized by these ideals.

Precession of Earth's Equinox and Occult Numbers — Robert G. Waggener
The precession of the equinox is very important to those interested in astrology because it is the astronomical phenomenon which causes the slow change in the Zodiac with time and the phenomenon of Zodiacal ages, like the Aquarian Age we passed into just a few years ago.


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