April—June 2011

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Why Sacrifice? — Editorial
Acquiescence to the need for sacrifice comes with an understanding of the role of the will. To think of sacrifice as a relinquishment of one’s personal autonomy, of one’s own will, is to confuse sacrifice with blind acceptance of what has been called "the inscrutable will of God".

The Urge to Creative Life — Djwhal Khul

The Inner Significance of Wesak-Preparation for Decision — Sarah McKechnie
The Buddha particularly wanted to discover a method of liberation which would draw upon the powers innate in the human psyche, rather than depending on the rites and ritual of the traditional religion of his time.

S. T. Coleridge and Gerard Manley Hopkins - Part II — Michael Srigley
It is possible, but by no means certain, that the entity we know as Coleridge returned after an interval of ten years as the infant christened as Gerard Manley Hopkins. If this is the case, the life experience of Coleridge as a Libran will exist as a background to his renewed experience as a Leo.

An Experience with Money — Dr. Lee Blackburn
I am convinced that money is not what it seems. It is, first and foremost, energy, and, as humanity was forced to note when the atom bomb was unleashed in the middle of the last century, energy has a potential which is boundless and awesome when the key to its release is discovered.

The Divine Economy — Laurence Newey
Just as every other unit of life receives and distributes energy in the divine circulatory flow, so does man, reflected for all to see in the biological process of respiration. Each of us breathes in and out — consuming and producing — and this simple fact is the key to understanding the fundamentals of human economics from an esoteric perspective.

Michael Faraday — Barry Horton
It should be recognised that the modern world would be a very different place without his pioneering work. It should not, for instance, be possible to write this account on a computer or benefit from the light of the desk lamp. Perhaps the most notable of Faraday’s discoveries was the connection between electricity and magnetism.

The Apu Trilogy: Or Cinema as a Means of Soul Expression and Creativity — Iván Kovács
The Apu Trilogy, however, remains unique. It is internationally acclaimed as one of the greatest achievements in cinema history, and has proved itself throughout the decades by appealing to each successive generation without loosing its initial impact. From The Apu Trilogy: Or Cinema as a Means of Soul Expression and Creativity

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