January—March 2011

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The Gift of Sight — Editorial
Something completely new is being developed: We are seeing the group light bearer increasingly functioning through the work of the new group of world servers. Through their efforts, the light of knowledge has become well anchored in the world

Esoteric Schools and Disciplines — Djwhal Khul

S. T. Coleridge and Gerard Manley Hopkins - Part I — Michael Srigley
This article is an exploration of the possibility that the 'remarkable similarity' of the two poets might be explained in terms of reincarnation. This article suggests that after an interval of one decade Coleridge returned as the Catholic poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins

Money as Divine Consciousness — Caroline Gatehouse
As the most concrete expression of power and order, the mineral kingdom is the foundation of the ordered physical structures of planetary life. The mineral kingdom and the creation of money are keys to help humanity deepen its understanding of planetary purpose as it expresses through each atom of matter, to better assist in the manifestation of the new world of order and beauty on Earth

From Synthesis to Separation: Why are Both Needed for the Working Out of the Plan? — Julie Rudzinski
Separation then—selfish, deplorable, sometimes heinous—is a requisite and inevitable phase of the life cycle. It is, in fact, a prelude to synthesis, for the evolutionary cycles of time and experience eventually bring the individual or group or nation to a more inclusive position

Compassion and Conflict in a Postmodern World — Chuck Chiverton
Humanity is in a state of flux brought about, in part, by the choices that we have made, and the emotional focus applied to many aspects of human life. The heart of humanity is being tested and the opportunity for human growth is magnified in our current world.

The Science of Astrology and the Science of the Soul — Wendy Boyd
Contained in space are the ‘ethers’, the substance of which, according to the ancients, the heavenly bodies are composed, the upper air and higher regions of space. Fortunately, scientific investigation of these so called ethers is gradually breaking down romantic and religious notions about space which also perpetuate the illusion that man is separate from God and consequently separate from one another.

Florence Nightingale: Lady of the Lamp — Juliet Northrop
Her words reflect her life experience: thought and sentiment form perfect will, but activity is development. Through life, the eternal purpose manifests. In one sense there is no perfection, for perfect thought and feeling are not perfection until manifested in activity

Thoughts on the Realising of the One Humanity — James Kinnier Wilson
If a transaction had no basis in value, goods of all kinds could be willingly exchanged, although their values in today’s terms might be quite unequal. The satisfaction of the two parties would be the single requirement.


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