Three Spiritual Festivals 2014 letter

“Ishvara [the Soul] …is to be found in the cave of the heart;
He is to be reached through pure love and devoted service.”

Dear friend,

In the stress of modern life there are probably times when most of us yearn for a more peaceful, carefree existence in which to contemplate the inner dimensions of our nature. And yet beneath the surface of our busy lives there exists a place of peace so profound that it could have no imaginable counterpart in the outer world. This place is the secret chamber of the heart where the silence is so intense it forms an opening between the human kingdom and the kingdom of the Soul. Its discovery requires the heart to be galvanised into action so that a stream of love flows through the chamber opening it up and revealing its source. For the great and simple truth is that the search for the divinity within can only be successful when there is a simultaneous search without – an outreach on a stream of love towards the heart of each and every life encountered in the playground of forces that make up daily life.

The heart is the fundamental organ of the Soul which is group conscious and whose natural inclination is loving service to one and all; this is as vital to its existence in its own world as the breath is to the human being in this one. And in times of crisis and of uncertainty, when humanity stands desperate for direction and change, "the Heart of God – impelled by the law of compassion – sends forth a Teacher, a World Saviour, an Illuminator, an Avatar"1, to evoke human hearts and strengthen the two way flow of light and love between the kingdom of Souls and the kingdom of humanity.

The three spiritual festivals are unique opportunities to further invoke this flow of light and love and prepare the way for the coming World Teacher and the new Aquarian age of loving service.The energy of love and the expansive power of joy associated with Aquarius are on the increase even at this time, strange as it may seem given the stress and strain of modern life and the many crises that are currently facing humanity. It is evidence though that love and joy are of the Soul not the personality. Joy is not to be confused with happiness for it can be experienced regardless of outer circumstances; and indeed, it is often seen in those whose outer lives appear full of hardship and endurance. Like love, joy is also a great revealing energy, helping the consciousness to resonate to new truths and spiritual principles; as such it is one of the keys to unlocking the world of meaning that stands behind this outer world of appearances.

This world of meaning is barely describable in words for it can only be understood intuitively in the heart where the soul-infused consciousness is automatically aligned with the loving purpose of God. The waves of divine energy that are constantly breaking on the collective consciousness of humanity are then registered directly along with an understanding of how they are steadily awakening and preparing mankind for the glory to come. This is beautifully portrayed in the words of the Mantram of Unification: “Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events, And bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time.”

Revelation of the world of meaning is the theme of the Arcane School conference in New York, Geneva and London this year, which you are warmly invited to attend. The keynote we will be working with is: Let the Path of Recognitions lead to Group Revelation. It is an interesting conundrum that the path to revelation is a path of recognitions, for the word recognition means “to know again”. A human being is a ‘strand of loving energy’ that has crystallised from the ‘stream of Love Divine’ into the material world, losing the sense of its true identity along the way. Human evolution is the quest of rediscovering this heritage of love and unlocking its reflected essence in the heart of every atom of creation. Through this process a new type of consciousness is being born – a product of the fires of intelligent love and the fires of matter. It is a process that is steadily fusing the spiritual kingdoms and the outer kingdoms of nature together as one.

As we move towards the higher interlude of the spiritual year and the new energies seeking entrance into human consciousness, let us remember that in every event and circumstance of our daily lives there is the opportunity to serve this great cause through the recognition and further stimulation of love in our surroundings. To the extent that we do this will we find a path of recognitions opening up before us that leads directly to revelation in the secret chamber of the heart.

United with you on the path of service,


1The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

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