July-September 2008

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Living an Authentic Life — Editorial
The spiritual Path is, paradoxically, both a lonely road and an open, public highway. The seeker must rely upon the inner Teacher, the soul, the Master in the Heart, for direction, and at the same time share all his experience, whether of gain or of loss, with his fellow travellers. "Experience" may be the password to the authentic life, for it is living experience that is the truest guide on the spiritual path. Perhaps this is why the Buddha refused to teach theology.

The Technique of Fusion—Djwhal Khul

A Look at Advaita, the Non Dual Experience and the Tibetan’s Teachings In the Alice A. Bailey books – Part I—Two students
A distinction between Advaita and the Tibetan’s teachings is that the former recommends Self-enquiry or Jnana Yoga, the path of knowledge, whilst the latter recommends meditation or dhyana, cultivation of the mind along the lines of Raja Yoga combined with service, yet both are way-of-the-mind paths.

The Five Planetary Centres – Part II—Roger F. Roy
We can strengthen the synthesis of planet Earth by deepening our understanding of the centres and identifying with their challenges. Each centre has a vital role to play in contributing to the building of a new planetary synthesis for humanity.

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Franklin – Part I—Michael Srigley
This case of reincarnation focuses on a famous individual who believed that in a previous life he had been his uncle, Thomas Franklin. As can be seen from the dates of Thomas Franklin’s death and Benjamin Franklin’s birth, these occurred on the same date: January 17th (N.S.), 1702.

A Disciple's Experience—Ginny M. DeAngelis
This merging and blending into group reality is prompted by an evolutionary impulse towards release—a self-initiated release whose time has come, a release of all that is held dear, of all that is known, and more importantly of all that would hinder.

The Life and Teachings of J.Krishnamurti – Another Look—Linda Rinelli
What is most important to remember are his contributions to the evolution of human consciousness. Krishnamurti spread these same teachings both East andWest, because his teachings on the limits of thought and the human condition transcend any existing culture.

Ten Points for Practical Esotericists—Florence Widutis

Playing on the Heartstrings – An Interpretation of Tension—A Student
The violinist knows only too well the disastrously embarrassing consequences of imposing too great a tension of bow on string in performance (ping!); equally, those on mentally polarized spiritual paths who withhold emotions and devotional feelings often find themselves prone to heart complaints and stress.


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