October—December 2008

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The Forcing Process Underway Now—Editorial
All crises, from that of the individual human being to that experienced by our planetary Logos, have to do with the expansion of consciousness—with the stretching of the borders of awareness to include larger and larger arcs of the Whole.

Some Misperceptions About Initiation—Djwhal Khul

A Look at Advaita, The Non Dual Experience and the Tibetan’s Teachings In the Alice A. Bailey books – Part II—Two students
Upon closer study of the material by Alice A. Bailey and Advaita, one recognizes that the higher initiations and the experience of the Self are merely the stripping away from the mind of false beliefs, not something which one undergoes as a result of any training or because of a certain stage of advanced evolution.

The Spiritual Dynamics of Sound—K. P. Riley
Listening attentively to our own audible world with voices rising and falling, footsteps coming and going, sounds ringing forth and fading attunes us to the dynamic element of vibration. Playing and listening to music naturally sensitizes us to the world's dynamic dimension.

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Franklin – Part II—Michael Srigley
As is known, Franklin was both a gifted writer but also a gifted scientist celebrated for his investigation of the nature of electricity. In his case, the more abstract intelligence of the third ray was coupled with the fifth ray of the lower mind.

Memories of Vladimir Shibayev, Secretary to Nicholas Roerich—Kenneth Archer
Shibayev's dream only began to come true in 1924, when the Roerichs moved to India and he first worked with them there. By 1929 he was a resident of their ashram at Naggar in the Himalayas and remained there until 1939.

Flight—Margaret E. White
The eagle is noted for two traits which are applicable when we regard the bird as a symbol of the spirit, namely, its extraordinary powers of vision and the vast heights to which it can soar.

On C. G. Jung—J. S. Bakula
Not only was Jung untethered by the personal past, he succeeded in going beyond the boundaries of his culture, and was one of the first to introduce the great writings of the East to the West.

Three Reasons Why it is Valuable to Study the Doctrine of the Heart—A Student
Any utterance, deed or thought must first be tested through the fires of the heart. What does not pass the test is, quite simply, not a truth. If one cannot recognise the truths in one's own heart how is it ever possible to recognise universal truths, for surely, they are one and the same?

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