October—December 2010

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Maintaining Integrity in Group Relationships — Editorial
When integrity is freed from its anchorage in individually-centred terms, it becomes a vitally important spiritual catalyst in group life. Literally, integrity means wholeness, completeness, the state of being undivided

The Use of Form Collectively — Djwhal Khul

Esotericism and the Feminine Principle - Part II — Iván Kovács
Both genders, whether masculine or feminine are but two sides of the same coin, and each gender in isolation is but one-sided, simplistic, and impoverished. A psychologically healthy and rounded-out person, whether male or female, always incorporates the best of both genders in their psyche.

The Perfect Law — Mary W. Turner
We are expecting and preparing for the World Teacher. His coming is anticipated by those of various religions and beliefs. He can only come when humanity has, of itself, made a basic decision at the point of extremity, and has created therefore those more stabilised human conditions on the mental and the emotional planes which can safely receive the potency of the Christ without undue danger."

Art and the Evolution of Consciousness — Finley Eversole
Think of consciousness as "incarnating" itself temporarily in some idea, emotion, or concrete experience for the purpose of awakening new insights and unfolding latent powers. The contemplation of a work of art constitutes such an experience. As long as attention is invested in any experience, consciousness will continue to be stimulated by that experience.

The Silent Question — Levin A. Diatschenko
What we become aware of in the silence is lack of purpose. Silence is a question. This question is what we are avoiding. Is it possible that as long as it remains unanswered, that question becomes the most common cause of depression (and anxiety) to humanity?

On the Etheric Body and the Causes of Ill Health — Glenn Horne
The etheric body is the body of energy or vitality. Viewed from one angle, it is the body of energy, from another it is the body of force. The etheric body is the blueprint for the development and growth of the dense physical vehicle. Ill health is caused by inhibited soul life.

The Great Invocation: Cosmic and Planetary Relationships — A Student
The expression in form of a great spiritual being such as the Christ cannot occur in an unprepared field. The field must be plowed before the seed is sown. With the use of the Great Invocation, the world is being prepared for the manifestation of the Christ.

2010 - A Point of Transition — Sarah McKechnie

The Dream of Man — Shirley B. Mullen
We are ancient captains manning the ships we build. Yet we are not these vessels, nor the adventures they encounter on this gossamer stage.


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