October—December 2011

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To Serve as an Esotericist — Editorial
The esoteric server recognises the heart centre as the abode of human unity. He finds that as his life begins to radiate, it exerts a magnetic effect upon others, enabling him to touch the hidden centre that exists within all his fellowmen.

Five Groups of Souls-Part II — Djwhal Khul

The Journey of the Refracted Will — Kerry Woodward
One might rephrase Blavatsky’s famous statement as: ‘desire is will at its lowest vibration and will is desire at is highest’, and consider desire, aspiration and purpose as refractions of the will, each operating at different vibrational levels and degrees of refraction

Three Centres and Three Linking Groups — J. S. Bakula
The three planetary centres and the linking groups provide an integrated pattern and structure showing us the way to a greater perfection and freedom, a way to better circulate life from its highest source to every part of the body, for the planet and for the individual.

The Middle Way: The Link Between Involution and Evolution — Chuck Chiverton
If enlightenment involves experiencing the highest levels of developmental achievement in any one lifetime, then the process of evolution reflects the development and integration of both emptiness (freedom) and service (fullness), as observed through the implementation of the middle way, in the spiritual journey of humanity

Neptune in Pisces, Public Service and the Plan — Eric Z. Lucas
One has to try and do one’s dharma. One has to strive for the immediate and attainable ideal. One has to try and be the best worker, teacher, doctor, lawyer, soldier, judge, professor, president, governor, mayor, CEO, husband, wife, son, daughter, father and mother one can become. A mayor does not have to perfect being a president. The mayor has to perfect being a mayor.

Anne Frank, A ForerunnerSue Henry
Anne was a young girl, a young Jewish girl who, in spite of her strict traditions and faith, became a catalyst for change, a voice for the millions who were put to death; a voice that led to the decision that it should never happen again. She managed to lift the Jewish problem into the light of the soul, challenging humanity to learn from the past and build a better world for the future.

Three Approaches to the Understanding of Sacrifice — J. N.
The Law of Sacrifice, called also the Law of Necessity, is the Law of Creation; it underlies our system and other systems, it lies at the root of evolution and it alone makes it intelligible.

Where the Wild Things Are — World Goodwill
In our bid to remove wildness from the planet, humans are getting it back to front, seeking to control when we should first have the patience to try to understand the energies in motion and their purpose within the whole planetary scheme.


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