April—June 2012

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The Growth of the "Group Idea" — Editorial
If we find ourselves becoming discouraged at human progress, or perhaps questioning whether human evolution is progressing as rapidly as we might hope, it is helpful to remember that the existence of this subjective network known as the new group of world servers was not notable until 1933. Before then, there had been outstanding individuals here and there who served and contributed to human progress, but no real groups dedicated to the liberation of humanity existed.

Three Divisions of World Workers — Djwhal Khul

Bringing the "Touch of Shamballa" to Humanity — Sarah McKechnie
Now, as the Shamballa force is pouring into the world, man is seeking a new understanding of God’s will—one which won’t require blind acquiescence to an inscrutable but overpowering force, but one which engages the human will-to-cooperate, by fusing the individual’s will with the divine Will in order to serve the greater good of the whole.

The Master Who Sees Beyond — The Persian Disciple
If we as researchers and true seekers contemplate on both the sentences of Mansur Hallaj who said that I AM GOD and the Tibetan who says that each man is a triangle of light, we can infer that: I can only be GOD if I can be a triangle of light because if man starts his search towards finding himself, then he has found God.

The L-U-X "Symbol" - According to Geometric Speculation, Part II — Simon Bialobroda
The sides of an equilateral triangle may measure any length, but the angles will always be 60º. The equilateral triangle has been used in the design of symbols throughout history. Nature’s First Pattern is about Unity becoming duality; Unity and multiplicity.

Christianity Judged from an Esoteric Perspective, Part I — Iván Kovács
Any serious study of Christianity will inevitably reveal a confusing, turbulent, and at times very dark history. In fact, the survival of the early Church which later came to be known as Roman Catholic was often ensured, not by brotherly love and gentle persuasion, but rather by its enforced dogmatism which tolerated neither variety nor competition.

Tension - Abuse or Use? — Michael J. Eastcott
Right tension, like the fine perfection of the taut hair-spring, is stored creative power; wrong tension, like a pulley belt coupled out of line, brings a destructive pressure which is wearing, warping and a source of trouble. The common definition of tension, in fact, is strain, and it is only as the subtler aspects of all fields are investigated, finer mechanics achieved and as energy is perceived, defined, related, that tension becomes a constructive concept.

Beautiful Thought: Frances Hodgson Burnett — Jane Dow
Francis Hodgson Burnett was a successful English-American author and playwright who is best remembered for her classic children’s story ‘The Secret Garden’. This delightful tale of spiritual awakening has reached millions of people across the globe and sets Frances firmly as a forerunner in the education of children for the New Age

The Yoga of Synthesis: Identification with the Whole — Nancy Connally
Is humanity’s identification with the Whole a necessary prerequisite for the next stage of our planetary evolution to occur? As we begin to enter the Aquarian age, which brings with it universal consciousness and the great Seventh Ray, which relates spirit and matter, we must be ready to cooperate with these new incoming energies


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