April—June 2013

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Joy & Achievement — Editorial
The time of the three major spiritual festivals brings renewed hope, resurrection into new life and vision at this crisis point of human civilization. Amidst the death throes of outmoded ideas and ways of living, it is the necessary destruction and disorder that is painfully stark and uppermost in the mind of humanity, Yet in contrast to this, we also recognise the spiritual reality of an unprecedented opportunity for building anew.

The New Groups as Centres of Divine Love, Magnetic, Constructive, and Pure — Djwhal Khul

Symbolism: The Gateway to Wisdom - Part II — Finley Eversole, Ph.D.
The Wisdom Sciences differed sharply from speculative philosophy. First, their language is symbolic. Second, their one aim is the spiritual transformation of life itself. And third, they presuppose the inviolability of human freedom and the right of each person to advance at his or her own pace and in his or her own way.

The Eye of Vision — A Student
Much is written in occult literature about the eyes and their connection to the pineal gland. The Tibetan defines the human eye as "an Instrument of initiatory energy." and He instructs that the third eye is stimulated when the fires of kundalini "find at the summit of the [spinal] column . . . that small organ called the pineal gland, which when vivified causes the third eye to open, and the beauties of the higher, subtler planes to stand revealed."

God, the Concept in Buddhism — J S Bakula
Buddhism is often referred to as a God-less, or a-theistic religion, creating a negative impression for many in the West. Instead of a transcendent God, the Buddhists believe in God immanent. Buddhists meditate on God as God nature found within, rather than on projections of God as the creator.

Energies in Daily Life — M E Haselhurst
For although, on its lower levels, aspiration is concerned chiefly with the transmutation of selfish desire, the soul also aspires, and in so doing reaches up after that higher field of magnetic response which comes into being when the link between the soul-infused personality and the Monad is forged, and the energies of the Spiritual Triad become available for use. Dynamic Will then demonstrates as an active principle in the life of the disciple, aiding him to express his life intention with balance and with power.

The Spiritual Potential of Early Childhood — Gesine Abraham
The loving disposition of children flows out unconditionally to people, animals, plants, and objects in their environment, indeed, to the whole of creation. This quality of love is archetypal and universal. These qualities of childhood are derived from the child’s experience of unity. Children feel deeply the living spirit of stones, plants, and animals as a force that is the same as the life within themselves.

Forerunner: Emmeline Pankhurst (1858 - 1928) — Christine Aagaard
Emmeline Pankhurst attended her first women’s suffrage meeting at the age of fourteen, after begging her mother to let her accompany her. In her own words, she came away from that meeting "a conscious and confirmed suffragette". However she had realised from a much earlier age that men considered themselves as superior to women, and women apparently acquiesced in that belief.

Modern Esoteric Movements - Part II — Alice A. Bailey
The Aquarian man will be distinguished by his mind control acquired through concentration, or one pointed attention. He will be focussed in his own centre. He will know himself and that which he has to do: he will have found in that centre, in that secret place, the esoteric point of his entire beingGod, his divine Self.


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