April—June 2014

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Revealing Light — Editorial
It has frequently been noted that the theme of light and revelation underlies all human aspiration and progress.This is of particular relevance now, at the high spiritual point of the year, when the ability of humanity to reach up, touch, and embody the descending spiritual energies can result in light and life in greater abundance than at other times.

The Immediate Task Ahead — Djwhal Khul

Secret Light — Christine Morgan
As part of the involutionary phase of evolution, we had humanity’s temporary separation from the source of All, and the loss of the mysteries.They became hidden simply by virtue of the fact that man fell into matter and closed himself off from them.Now on the evolutionary wave of the cycle, man travels back again along a path of rediscovery, each step forward into light revealing a spiritual secret.This is why “recognition” is often emphasised in esoteric training; it is a rediscovery of that which, deep down, is already known.

Behold! – The Christ! — Gloria Crook
As the Kingdom of God unfolds, it is a purifying situation, taking time to adjust the processes of habit from those that enhanced the glamours and illusions of the past, to those that enrich the purposes of brotherhood and the direction of the Plan, as it unfolds before us in the Light of Christ.

Humanity – The World Disciple — Martin Vieweg
Many of us have experienced various signs—inner promptings of one kind or another—that have given us assurance that we are moving in the right direction.If we as individuals are encouraged by such happenings, certainly others new to the Path might likewise be strengthened in their quest to learn of these things.

The Cosmic Buddhic Logos — Lee Smith
It became clear that this writer was, in fact, drawing a diagram of inferred postulates, truths, and expressions of truths, within such rarified realms that they can be neither proved nor disproved—much like the increasingly subtle dialectical stages of the Prajnaparamita Hrdaya Sutra, discussed by Edward Conze in Buddhist Wisdom Books.

The Search for Gold — A Student
Independent central banks create money out of thin air and lend it into the economy at interest.By manipulating interest rates and the loaning of money, an independent central bank effectively controls the business cycle, the economy, and the government.We see the effects of this debt-based monetary system and the manipulation of the money supply in the tremendous world indebtedness and the increasing divide between the immensely wealthy and the masses.

The Law of Synthesis in the Life of Man — M.E.Haselhurst
It is even now possible to trace dimly the pattern of the new civilisation which will flower under the Aquarian influence.Widely divergent types of minds are being brought into contact under the pressure of modern educational, publicity and travel trends, combined with the influences of international sport, international conferences at all levels, even of international beauty competitions and talent quests.Men are rubbing of their insularity, are being changed without realising it.

A Forerunner: Carl Gustav Jung — Steve Hallett
On the basis of his studies into different religions and philosophies (particularly Eastern philosophies), he believed that this journey of transformation, or individuation, is at the mystical heart of all religions.This is a journey not only to meet the self, but also the divine.


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