January—March 2013

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A Time for Sharing — Editorial
The outer world today is a perfect representation or symbol of the collective body, heart and mind of humanity. The dross which is rising to the surface for resolution is leading many to search for a deeper meaning and purpose beyond the strictly material life.

Ashramic Sharing — Djwhal Khul

Penetration, Polarisation and Precipitation — Judy Jacka
In the planetary sense, the three activities are much slower as they occur within time and space. It takes millions of years for humanity to penetrate into first the astral, and then the mental spheres. Then the faster, but comparatively slow approach of the intelligent aspirant towards the soul occurs. The focus, or polarisation, moves from one level to another and the precipitated karma takes millenia to unfold and then resolve. At this point of time, esotericists are particularly concerned with precipitating the right effects of energy for the purpose of planetary redemption.

Symbolism: The Gateway to Wisdom - Part I — Finley Eversole, Ph.D.
The function of a symbol is to awaken the mind, to call forth its latent creative and interpretive powers, to place demands on the use of the imagination and to nurture intuition. By the interpretation it places on symbols, the mind reveals its capacity for originality. If the death of originality is the death of genius, the study of symbolism encourages originality and nurtures genius.

Mind, Culture, and Service — Chuck Chiverton
Quality is the result of "the approximation of the two waysfeeling and mindsensitivity and thought; and of attitudes, relational in nature, which will enable man to live as an intelligent subjective being in a tangible physical world" (Bailey, Education in the New Age, p. 43). It is this orientation towards certain inner attitudes and feelings along with the capacity of people to express and modify them in an intelligent manner that reflects the quality of a culture. Thus, cultural world views may promote openness and social awareness or they can be restrictive in growth and impede human development.

Modern Esoteric Movements - Part I — Alice A. Bailey
Now we are passing slowly out of the Piscean Age, out of that cycle which is outstandingly Christian, into that of Aquarius, the Water Carrier. Though 500 years at least must elapse before the transition is completed, the influence of the new Age is being felt and increasingly will it become dominant. It is interesting to note that Christ (as every great world Teacher has done) not only embodied the note for the cycle which He represented but linked himself with the coming age and showed the unity of the life force. He said, "I am the water of life." Water is the symbol of the new age.

Time for Change — Simon Marlow
Let us remind ourselves what the Tibetan told us on more than one occasion; that the future is dependent on the choices which humanity makes, and even Hierarchy cannot control or predict what these will be, for humanity has the priceless gift of freewill. The path that we collectively tread has to be created by us, humanity, just as the individual disciple has to, through trial and error, through the experience of the results of right choice and paying the price, sometimes a dire price, for the mistakes we make.

On Media and Consciousness — Levin Diatschenko
Maintaining conscious poise, while existing in media environments, is little different than maintaining consciousness in the personality and its three lower planes. The difficulty lies in seeing media as separate and external, rather than an extension of man. If we remember that man is an extension of the kingdom of souls, and that this too is an extension of God, then the way back is preserved.

Reading the Newspapers — Roberto Assagioli
The reading of newspapers in the ordinary cursory manner, without any special effort of the attention is far from having a good effect on the mindindeed, it is distinctly injurious.


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