July—September 2012

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On the Virtue of Persistence — Editorial
In terms of the spiritual impact of the inpouring energies, many seekers seem unable to summon the focus necessary to sustain an in-depth approach to the spiritual Path. The many diverse opportunities for development, which manifest as a kind of spiritual cornucopia, capture aspirants’ attention for a moment, until the next option appears and beckons their investigation. In such an atmosphere, the necessary persistence suffers.

The Resultant Life of Service — Djwhal Khul

Christianity Judged from an Esoteric Perspective, Part II — Iván Kovács
What becomes evident from a retrospective view of Christianity is the dogmatic influence of theology which shaped it, arrived at by means of speculation and assumptions that often deviate from scripture, either due to over-complication, over-simplification, or misinterpretation. When theology leads to dogmatism and religious despotism, it simply confirms the occult aphorism the "the mind is the slayer of the Real". "Real", written with a capital letter, refers to knowledge that has been gained by means of intuition rather than speculation, thus a product of the Mind of God, as opposed to the mind of man. In this respect, intuitive knowledge can be considered as the "New Theology" which will characterise the New Age.

Esoteric Dynamism – The Psychology of Fiery Motion — Laurence Newey
Leibnitz regarded atoms and elements as conscious centres of force – spiritual beings whose very nature is to act upon and relate to one another, not mechanically, but through an internal principle. If we broaden the term to ‘esoteric dynamism’ we move deeper into the occult psychology of divine powers, where each and every power is a living fire – the possessor of a dynamic character that interrelates directly or indirectly with all other existences in the One Life. Esoteric dynamism is thus the psychology of fiery motion.

An Exploration of the Seven Rays in Esoteric Astrology — A Student
As far as Aries is concerned it is said that "It embodies the will-to-create that which will express the will-to-good." The importance of both Mars and Mercury is emphasised by the Tibetan, with conflict and the death of form associated with Mars and illumination with Mercury; "New cycles of Being and of consciousness are initiated by conflict." This leading sign is the same for both humanity and Shamballa.

Getting To Know Your Spiritual Triad — Rae Lake Costas
What is the underlying purpose of life? The answer lies hidden in knowing ourselves not as personalities, not as souls in incarnation, but in knowing ourselves as the spiritual Triad. Only thus can we know the inherent reality which is to the manifested Logos what the sensed, immortal Self is to ourselves in incarnation. And what can prevent this? Could it be the current prejudice that if you are not a doctor of something or another and of a ripe age one is not eligible or qualified to know such magnificence?

The Vow of Poverty — Foster Bailey
In the new age we may expect that the vow of poverty will become a purely private matter between a man and his own soul and undertaken as an act of his own spiritual will. He makes this vow silently and unannounced and no man knoweth thereof. To be of value that vow must be lived out in the disciple’s life. If not, it is only an abortive attempt at a great step forward.

Rendezvous with Destiny: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Forerunner of the New Era — Lesley Vann
In FDR we observe the primacy of the heart, the primacy of hope. The heart is the organ of pure reason. It brings equilibrium, we are told. The heart centre is also known as a hub of integration and FDR’s forerunning political accomplishments demonstrate the integrating vision of the heart.


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