July—September 2013

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EditorialDiscovering Spiritual Structure
Now in the twenty-first century, the outlines of this new world, this new humanity, are still unclear to many. Although there is so much promise and ground breaking thinking in all departments of life, we still have to redeem planetary hotspots of tragic civil war, acts of terror and the grotesque antics of rogue states. The longing for a world of right human relationships and the hope—indeed determination—of so many that we should materialize this vision is paralleled by an all too prevalent despair for the future.

Humanity—Custodian of the Hidden Mystery — Djwhal Khul

Esoteric Training in the Digital Age — Derek Fraser
Today, in these most challenging times, a vow of silence is not required but the disciple must attain an inner reflective quiet, in the midst of a noisy world, through willful self-effort. This is a formidable challenge, and according to DK “Humanity, as a whole, needs silence at this time as never before; it needs time in which to reflect, and the opportunity to sense the universal rhythm.”

The Triangle—A Basic Expression of the Cosmos — Judy Jacka
Esotericists, particularly those who follow the teachings of Djwhal Khul are familiar with the concept of energy flowing through various triangles from the first manifestation of the universe onwards. He suggests that energy flows more easily through a triangle, than through other forms.

Robe of the Waters — Laurence Newey
Cancer is a water sign, and we might question how the fluidity of a water sign is appropriate for building a lighted house; after all water is forever changing shape and form—not, one might conclude, the right element for producing a stable structure in which to reside. Furthermore the watery nature is associated with the emotions, occasionally tranquil, but more often turbulent and unpredictable.

Zen and Art: Zen and the Way — Wendy Boyd
In many respects the starting place of all initiation is upon the physical plane, beginning with a cultivated respect and reverence for the physical universe. This is reflected through the way in which one conducts oneself in relation to others and the environment. Every movement and gesture is an act of consciousness, the perfection of which renders the personality serene, harmonious and above all harmless. Although many of the Zen arts seem to carry a rigorous training, imbued with ceremony and ritual, this was not without purpose for it served to develop latent abilities and anchor the necessary disciplines involved.

God is in the Details — Simon Bialobroda
It was Einstein who said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” We have created a society that honors the servant, but has forgotten the gift. The analytical mode, or present day intellect that grasps for fixed and quantified objectifications, with relationships dependent on equational logic, is the source of the disorder, disharmony and obscurity existing between humanity, nature and God.

Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843 — Sheila Gray
A study of his life shows how the seeds sown in the minds of more enlightened, caring, compassionate people, in tune with the spirit of the times, took root and grew. They demonstrate how he, and others, worked from the heart, but harnessed the mind to tap into the unfolding divine idea. There is also much in the Organon related to the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, epidemics and fevers, and about the suppression of symptoms, predisposition, susceptibility and miasmatic factors.


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