July—September 2014

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Editorial – Symbols of Meaning
Symbols are omnipresent, for they are a main ingredient of the world of form. They both veil and reveal meaning and significance. They protect the unready from premature approach to reality, yet at the same time they are the window through which the light of truth streams into the consciousness of those who are ready to absorb its energetic impact.

Use of Colour in Meditation – Djwhal Khul
ALL COLOURS EMANATE from one source or one primary colour–in this solar system the cosmic ray of indigo veiling cosmic love or wisdom–and then split into three major colours and thence into the four minor, making the seven colours of the spectrum.

Being: Beyond the Soul. Human Awareness and a Wary Eye on the Future – L. Rae Lake.
HUMAN BEINGS are accurately described as “star dust,” for science indicates that every atom, of every body and brain on Earth was once matter from exploding stars somewhere in the universe. Everything is connected. And we can now see for ourselves that all historical states-of-mind, perspectives, and attitudes, are represented on Earth simultaneously, at any given moment.

The Revelation of Truth through Sacred Language –
Annette Morgan
IN THE FIELD of language there have been many attempts to discover some truth which will provide an understanding of the nature and origin of language, its development, and evolution. To acquire some insight into what constitutes language, one needs to explore a system of language that offers an original structure, or a true primary form of speech. The Sanskrit language has preserved just such an original structure in its alphabet.

The Heart’s Seal – A Student
Importantly, the Doctrine of the Heart promises to free the life from the imprisoning excesses of the concrete mind. The concrete mind is separative and critical by nature and whilst absolutely a necessary developmental phase in the unfolding evolution of a Son of God in manifestation, this must be modified, or perhaps qualified by the Love aspect.

The Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Part 1: Discoveries on EarthJames Ryder
During the course of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, insights into the nature of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion proceeded relatively rapidly compared to the prior two millennia. This work occurred primarily in Europe whose scholars inherited the basic knowledge through the work of Islamic scholars who, in turn, had learned much through study of the works of their contemporaries in China and of the ancient writings of the Greeks.

Life is not Personal – Ginny M DeAngelis
When the chela in the light finally dawns, the mistaken tendency to believe in “arrival” emerges. Yet, there is no arrival. There remains only an infinite journey, propelling one onwards and upwards.

Wassily Kandinsky: A Forerunner – Susan T Henry
In one of his writings Kandinsky said: ‘We have before us an age of conscious creation and this new spirit in painting is going hand in hand with thought towards an epoch of great spirituality . . . ‘

Emerging Light – Randy S. Villanueva
The current problems and difficult situations of humanity indicate the emergence of new spiritual energies seeking manifestation. The mind interprets every situation from a dualistic view of right and wrong, good and evil. By understanding the world problems that humanity is encountering now, we can understand the nature of the new spiritual energies; behind the negative, or evil manifestation of circumstances, lie the real lessons that humanity must learn and understand.


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