October—December 2012

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Service Through Being — Editorial
Service is one of those words we think we know, until we realise we don’t! Of course, the commonly understood definitions of service still hold good, on their level, but the service of the soul is of a different realm altogether. Not realizing this fundamental difference causes many aspirants to flounder and cast about for a way to serve, often leading to a misapplication of time and energy.

Functions of the New Group Of World Servers — Djwhal Khul

Dementia: An Esoteric Perspective — R. Andrews Griffiths
If, around the 56th year or later, the soul assesses that little more may be achieved by expression through the present vehicle—having perceived that a certain degree of mental rigidity has developed—the decision may be taken to accelerate the rate of withdrawal from it. Complying with the Law of Economy, it simply would be inefficient to commit any further spiritual resources to such a life. In essence, this is effectively a decision to hasten the death process itself, and is necessarily destructive in nature.

Economy Consciousness — Tom Carney
The group conscious individual understands through the science of synthesis the reality of additional dimensions of Life and the fact of the constant motion of energy, force and substance. He or she also understands that one does not "own" one’s body and things. We understand that because one is an integral and conscious non-separate part of the endless motion of Life, one does not own anything. One is rather responsible for nurturing and sharing for the sake of the Common Good the temporary vehicles which one inhabits and whatever objects or possessions may come into one’s temporary keeping.

Esoteric Training and Psychic Unfoldment — A Student
Technically, it is said that psychic unfoldment should not originate in the solar plexus, but must be brought about by a combined and right control of the ajna, throat, heart, and solar plexus centres by the spiritual man seated in the head. Hence the importance of alignment, which will prevent any misuse of psychic powers. When it has reached a certain measure of accomplishment, psychic unfoldment is also related to the building of the Antahkarana, or Rainbow Bridge. The Tibetan tells us that a certain knowledge of this process of building of the Antahkarana is required in order to have a proper and intelligent process of psychic unfoldment

Progressive Discrimination Leads to Freedom — Lillian T. Schutte
The recognition of freedom is the result of spiritual will expressing in human affairs. Freedom is the quintessence of all detachment, dispassion and impersonality. Freedom is the result of fuller, and at the same time more focussed identification with life. It infers that karmic retribution is to some degree reaching balance. Experiencing this freedom, one knows that the same freedom is within all mankind. Men and women of goodwill under guidance of the forces of light work to strengthen and fan this flame of freedom, whereas materiality and its forces work to deny its existence by stifling restrictions, so that the consciousness of man cannot recognize freedom as his divinity

George Orwell (1903-1950) — Mary Kathleen Peden
He had an ability to observe the events in the world around him with such mental focus and clarity that his ideas have proved to be of lasting value and appeal, political thinkers on all sides of issues today still incorporating them into their analyses of world events. Even people who have never heard of him are familiar with the concepts he put forward and they have penetrated into the awareness of the general public over the years.

An Esoteric View of Leadership — Djwhal Khul
The acceptance of facts is one of the first duties of a disciple. In the task of aiding humanity, as a part of the Master’s group or Ashram, the fact that there are men and women placed in positions of power to carry out the divine plan is one of the first to be faced. This must be done uncritically, avoiding constant recognition of their limitations, with an understanding of their problem, with realisation of the call of their souls to yours and the pouring upon them of a constant stream of "loving understanding"


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