Magical Work of the Soul

A talk by Sarah McKechie, President of the Lucis Trust

The event was sponsored by Alternatives at the
St. James's Church 197 Picadilly, London W1J 9LL
on Monday, February 2 2004, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


The spiritual path is one of cycles of growth and destruction, of rebuilding followed again by disruption, until the magical work of the soul, the higher self, effects a transformation of the personality. Through a balanced practice of meditation, the study of spiritual texts, and service to humanity, a higher and more stable spiritual vibration can supersede these cycles of ebb and flow. Sarah will be talking about how this magical power of the soul can be grasped and steadily manifested in our lives as an increasing power to serve through love-wisdom and skill in action. She will draw upon the timeless spiritual principles and techniques by which the soul works its magic as presented in the writings of Alice A. Bailey.

Three-part talk

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  • Listen to Part I of the talk - 44 minutes
  • Listen to Part II of the talk - 9 minutes
  • Listen to Part III of the talk - 23 minutes

Sarah McKechnie is the former international chairman and President of the Lucis Trust and its work, based on the Ageless Wisdom teachings of Alice Bailey.

She was the Editor of The Beacon, a magazine of esoteric philosophy and co-anchored a weekly radio programme, Inner Sight, on radio station WOR, 710 AM, the most listened-to talk radio station in America. These programmes can be accessed on this web site at


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