Videos from Lucis Productions feature programs on the Great Invocation, Triangles, World Invocation Day, Wesak Festival, and more.

Working with the Angels: Community Building in the Digital Age

A presentation by Rev. Tom Ravetz, Priest of The Christian Community.

The Sustainable Development Goals: A Collective Call For The Will

Jimena Leiva Roesch,
Policy Analyst with the International Peace Institute.

The Tree of Music

A presentation by Bette Stockbauer Harris,  Co-Director of the African Conservation Project in Tanzania

Art and Time

A presentation by Anders Lidén, Artist/Honorary President of the International Association of Art

Sfuggire agli Anelli del Tempo (in Inglese)

Un discorso di Christine Morgan, Presidentessa del Lucis Trust, alla Conferenza della Scuola Arcana 2016

Towards an Age of Light - Video

Exploring humanity’s developing relationship with light

The Cosmic Magnet

A talk given at the Wesak Festival in Taurus – May 2015 – New York by Christine Morgan, President of the Lucis Trust

The Perceiver on the Way by Kathy Newburn

The Perceiver on the Way – Humanity, Discipleship and the Fourth Ray.  Reflections on the coming fourth ray cycle by Kathy Newburn

The Soul is Light. What Then is Light?

A presentation on Light, Space and Consciousness by Dr. James T Ryder

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