Status of Inner Sight radio broadcast

Dear Friend,

Many of you have written or phoned to ask why Inner Sight is no longer on WOR.

We are sorry to say that because of a shortage of funding in our radio budget we had to bring the programs to an end. We regret very much having to make that decision. We felt privileged to be able to bring to the attention of the radio audience, some new spiritual insights. And your enthusiastic support—both verbally and financially--confirmed to us that there is a large audience waiting to hear about new age teachings. We hope we have been of service to you.

But we haven’t really gone away. We are now making a wider use of the Internet. The Inner Sight programs are archived and can still be heard on this website. Many can be seen on Youtube and over Blogtalkradio. And our toll free number 1-866-695-8247 is still active if you would like to order any special pamphlets or papers offered on the program. Visit the Publication/Store section of this website to order any of the Alice Bailey books.

You really have been a wonderful audience and we greatly appreciate your loyal support over the eight years of broadcasting. It has lifted our spirits. And we hope we can continue to serve you in the future.

Most sincerely,

Dale and Sarah McKechnie