Meditation As World Service

Meditation and visualization can be used by individuals and groups to invoke light, love and spiritual power into human consciousness.

The effect of human meditation at this time is to change conditions, to invoke the higher, spiritual potencies, to work with concentrationboth vertically and horizontallywithin the world of humanity and within the Kingdom of God. This vertical and horizontal activity holds the secret of creative meditation. It is invocative of the higher energies, and creates a channel of contact between soul and spirit. This is brought about by what I have called "vertical meditation." It is also evocative and creates a ferment or dynamic movement in that level of being which must be affected or changed, and this is the horizontal aspect.

Alice Bailey

The individual who practises meditation as a service will ultimately experience a steady growth in illumination, wisdom and the will-to-good; selfless service leads to an expanding ability to cooperate in the creative and redemptive purposes of our planetary life.


Through meditation, one emerges into a state of consciousness shared by others, a state as real as physical existence., in consciousness. This community of consciousness, and of One Work, is the essence of group meditation.

Group meditation does not require individuals working together in the same place or even at the same time. The true meeting place of the group is the plane of mind, or the mental plane.

In metaphysical terms, meditation takes place outside time and space, but what is important in group meditation is the sense of a common focus and interest, of group attention on the object of meditation. It is a shared idea and interest that binds individuals into a living group.

Groups may work together and meditate on many different subjects, but the underlying theme in group work is service to humanity. In this way the group plays its part within the planetary life. Groups may work to bring about a greater light in human affairs and to condition the subjective atmosphere of the planet. They help to relate subjective energies of light, love and the will-to-good, to daily, physical life. Although these groups may be working to enlighten the human environment, they do not never use force byThey do not, for instance, attempt to directing energy at the mind of some individual or group in the attempt to change or influence them. Instead they work with the soul or consciousness to make light available, or to create a subjective condition whereby an individual or a nation can more easily stand in the light of its own soul.

A variety of meditation initiatives designed to be of service to humanity and the planet are sponsored. These are all available to people of goodwill, regardless of their particular faith or spiritual background.

Meditazione del Plenilunio

Il plenilunio è un periodo durante il quale le energie spirituali sono a nostra disposizione in maniera unica e facilitano un rapporto più stretto fra l'umanità e la Gerarchia.

Per Saperne di Più

Gruppo di Meditazione della Buona Volontà

A meditation outline for the Goodwill Meditation Group.

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Due Meditazioni Redentrici

Oggi molte persone e molti gruppi in tutto il mondo usano regolarmente due meditazioni "redentrici" particolari. Una è destinata ai collaboratori del Nuovo Gruppo di Servitori del Mondo che sono interessati a preparare la via per il ritorno del Cristo

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Il Ciclo di Conferenze

Un'introduzione al lavoro del Ciclo di Conferenze.

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Meditazione:  Un Cammino di Vita

L'idea di meditazione si diffonde come un fuoco selvaggio attraverso lo spirito mutevole della specie umana. Ed è "fuoco" quando, nella tecnica occulta, mette in moto l'energia pura e connette la coscienza alla Vita.

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