Death: The Great Adventure Da Alice Bailey (Autore)

Death: The Great Adventure Da Alice Bailey (Autore)

With widespread publicity concerning the 'near death experience', many people are now searching for a deeper understanding of death and the process of dying. Esoteric teachings on the subtle bodies and their inter-relationship have much to offer to those pondering on and researching the mystery of death.The extracts in this book, taken as seed thoughts or ideas for reflection, will help readers to clarify their own ideas and attitudes on this subject. 

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Part I. End of an Age 
Part II. Release from Form
Part III. Transition 
Part IV. Law of Dissolution
Part V. Technique of Dying
Part VI. Sleep and Death 
Part VII. Freedom Form the Illusion of Form
Part VIII. States of Consciousness
Part IX. Will to Abstract
Part X. Cyclic Purpose
Part XI. Restitution, Elimination, Integration
Part XII. Intuition and Will
Part XIII. A Word Sounds Forth
Part XIV. Resurrection
The Constitution of Man
Chart: The Seven Planes of Our Solar System

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Death: The Great Adventure

Paperback: 144 pages

Dimensions:  7.5 x 4.8