Agni Yoga, Hierarchy Da Agni Yoga (Autore)

Agni Yoga, Hierarchy Da Agni Yoga (Autore)

     Merging into the waves of the Infinite, we may be compared to flowers torn away by a storm. How shall we find ourselves transfigured in the ocean of the Infinite?
     It would be unwise to send out a boat without a rudder. But the Pilot is predestined and the creation of the heart will not be precipitated into the abyss. Like milestones on a luminous path, the Brothers of Humanity, ever alert, are standing on guard, ready to lead the traveler into the chain of ascent.
     Hierarchy is not coercion, it is the law of the Universe. It is not a threat, but the call of the heart and a fiery admonition directing toward the General Good.
     Thus, let us cognize the Hierarchy of Light.

     How to transmute the most bitter into the most sweet? Naught save Hierarchy will transform life into a higher consciousness.
     It is impossible to imagine a bridge into the Infinite, because a bridge is in need of abutments. But Hierarchy, like the abutments of a bridge, brings one to the shore of Light. And imagine the entire effulgence that the eyes behold! And understand the Song of Light.
     Let us labor for Light and Hierarchy!

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Agni Yoga, Hierarchy

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