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Resource Center

This section provides a resource for those interested in forming a full moon meditation group. Information and resources are listed below for download. If you have further questions, check out the FAQ or please contact us.

Science of Meditation This booklet provides an overview of meditation as a science of energy distribution.
Meditation at the Full Moon Guideline This guide provides detailed information and excerpts from the Alice Bailey books about the full moon meditation.
Full Moon Meditation - Folder Introductory information about full moon meditation.
Full Moon Meditation Outline This meditation outline is used in the three Headquarters and by many groups worldwide at the time of the full moon.
New Moon Meditation Outline This meditation outline can be used during the new moon each month to "Strengthen the Hands of the New Group of World Servers".
Twelve Spiritual Festival Video These videos provide a visual and oral expression of the unique spiritual opportunity for service at the full moon.
Full Moon Talks from Headquarters Talks given at the Headquarters meetings in New York and London can also provide the basis for local group work.
Sign up to be added to the Full Moon email list You are welcome to sign-up to receive monthly announcements of meetings and text of recent full moon talks.